505 Wrestling Club - Albuquerque NM

505 WC is a year round club dedicated to first class training of wrestlers for competition at local and national levels in ABQ, NM. All ages are welcome!

505 Wrestling Club - Albuquerque NM


1900 7th Street NW, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87102


(614) 403-3877


Our goal at 505 Wrestling Club is to provide student-athletes with all the tools needed to not only be state champions but to reach the caliber of all-American and national champion wrestlers. Members of the 505 WC will be groomed to compete at the college level once they have finished their high school careers.

We will have separate practices for our junior program, mid/high school girls program and mid/high school program. We will start our Spring schedule Monday, March 2nd. March's practices and workouts will be designed to prepare the post-season wrestler to compete at the upcoming folkstyle national tournaments. April and May will be focused on learning and mastering the Olympic styles of wrestling. Freestyle and Greco-Roman will provide athletes with a well-rounded technical base as well as the opportunity to get to compete locally, regionally and nationally.

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