Abhaya Yoga - El Paso TX

Great yoga class for beginner and advanced students alike.

Abhaya Yoga - El Paso TX


1848 Trawood Dr, El Paso, Texas 79935


(915) 474-4115


Hands On Yoga

We call Abhaya Yoga "hands on yoga" because we combine:

Hatha Yoga postures (what most people think of as yoga)


Thai Yoga adjustments ( the instructor stretches or moves the student).

This combination allows the student to move a bit deeper into the postures.

Abhaya is the Sanskrit word for "fearlessness." When we approach our yoga practice with fearlessness, we can also approach life with fearlessness. Yoga helps us move into new, unexplored places.

Yoga is an ancient science formulated thousands of years ago to help humans unite their mind with the Higher Power. God. Allah, Jehovah. Great Spirit. The name is not as important as knowing that we all want to reach the same place via our own path.

Ever since the first Indian yogis set foot on American shores, they have taught that anyone may use yoga to go more deeply into their personal belief system.

Going to a modern yoga class can be a way of opening the door to a broader spiritual practice. Poses, breathwork, and a short meditation can easily be practiced during an hour long class.

However, there is more to learn, if the student wishes. Yoga is as vast as the universe, and just as fascinating.

Join us,

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