Amie Broshear Fitness - Nashville TN

We are unique in helping you cut through the confusion & get you real results - in the real world. With brand partner, Shaklee, we CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

Amie Broshear Fitness - Nashville TN


Nashville, Tennessee 37219


(800) 742-5533


Amie Broshear Fitness has the Power to Change Your Life: Fitness & Nutrition. Personal Trainer, Amie Broshear now partnered with Nashville celebrity trainer Erin Oprea of Oprea Personal Fitness!

Fusion Wellness is about helping you to become healthier and reach a better lifestyle. We give you tools to achieve your goals and turn barriers into results.

Holistic health and fitness specializing in natural solutions for all your health needs. Partnered with Shaklee, the #1 all-natural nutrition company. Providing health education for optimal nutrition, expert fat loss, anti-aging, non-toxic green living, and healthy skin and personal care.

Improve your general fitness, fat loss, strength, conditioning, flexibility, soft tissue work, posture, and sports performance.

Coaching and consulting availible in-home (depending on your location) or phone/web

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