ATA Martial Arts Lakewood - Lakewood CO

ATA Martial Arts is a taekwondo and self defense program for kids and adults in Lakewood, Colorado. "Everything is possible when you never give up."

ATA Martial Arts - Lakewood - Lakewood CO


3355 S. Yarrow St., #E-117, Lakewood, Colorado 80227


(303) 985-1815


Our ATA Black Belt Academy is a full service school teaching 3 years to adult in Lakewood, Colorado. Visit the school's website at or call 303-985-1815.The Chief Instructor is 7th Degree Black Belt Sr. Master Corina Black. Certified instructors include 6th Degree Mr. Jon Runge, 4th degree black belts Mr. Harold Black and 4th Degree Black Belt, Jeff Anderson. We also have a team of up and coming trainee instructors. Contact us at 303-985-1815.

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