Basile Yoga - Nashville TN

Basile Yoga was founded to help individuals recover in mind, body & spirit through gentle Yoga practice.

Basile Yoga - Los Angeles CA


Nashville, Tennessee


(323) 774-4030


Basile has practiced Yoga for nearly 15 years, and is now double certified as both a Recovery Counselor and Yoga Teacher. Her mentor and teacher is Eric Paskel MA, MFCC,CSC. Paskel is a student of Swami Parthasarathy of the Vedanta Academy.

Using a blend of Asana, Pranayama, philosophy, anatomy & the psychology of Yoga, Basile creates a meaningful experience for each student. The artful choice of music, essential oils and themes of recovery and self realization make her classes unique...and healing. Don't be surprised if you have a spiritual experience while Led Zeppelin takes you into savasana.

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