Big Barn CrossFit - Albuquerque NM

Welcome to one of the largest CrossFits in town. We pride ourselves on great coaching in a fun environment where everyone is striving for improvement.

Big Barn CrossFit - Albuquerque NM


2420 Comanche Road, Suite G1, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87107


(505) 554-2315


The following schedule are our CrossFit classes led by an instructor, the remaining hours are open gym hours.

Monday - Friday
5:30 am CrossFit
8:30 am CrossFit
11:30 am CrossFit
4:30 pm CrossFit
5:00 pm CrossFit Lite (Thursday Only)
5:30 pm CrossFit
6:30 pm Crossfit

Monday, Wednesday & Friday Only
6:00am Functional Strength & Conditioning
8:30am Functional Strength & Conditioning
12:00pm Functional Strength & Conditioning
5:30 pm Functional Strength & Conditioning

Tuesday & Thursday Only
4:30 pm Yoga

9:00 am CrossFit
10:15 am CrossFit

Special Offers & Promotions

There are no special offers or promotions near this location.

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