Carafides Martial Arts - Denver CO

Personal, small, and large group training.

Carafides Martial Arts - Denver CO


Denver, Colorado 80222


(484) 620-2317


Carafides Martial Arts delivers traditional martial art training in a fun, safe, and easy to comprehend system. Keep in mind martial art training still takes hard work but the way it gets taught at Carafides Martial Arts will make you feel good about your progress. There will be consistent classes for everyone at the Littleton Family YMCA. These will be Open Classes available for all ages and abilities. We also offer private and small group training and can conduct these sessions at a variety of locations. We understand you may be interested in martial arts training for a variety of reasons and hope that we can help you feel comfortable working hard, having fun, meeting new people, and learning a new skill. Check out our videos on YouTube. Call 484-620-2317 or e-mail for questions and information. See you in class!

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