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CrossFit Salt de Terre - Jacksonville FL
2385-2 Corbett Street
Jacksonville FL 32204

(904) 748-9177

CrossFit Salt de Terre provides a space for athletes of all ages and abilities to reach their health and fitness goals.Salt de Terre offers CrossFit classes for adults, kids, and adaptive athletes, yoga, goal setting workshops, and nutritional coaching.

CrossFit Decisions - Jacksonville FL
2203 Hamilton Street
Jacksonville FL 32210

(844) 693-4844

We maintain an active, family-friendly welcoming environment for all ages and fitness levels! Kid's waiting/play room is available for your convenience!

Steel Mill Crossfit - Jacksonville FL
1838 Cassat Ave
Jacksonville FL 32210

(904) 551-4836

Steel Mill is Jacksonville’s only Full access CrossFit & gym Combo. Gym, CrossFit, and combination memberships are available

CrossFit Total Control West - Jacksonville FL
6028 Bowdendale Ave
Jacksonville FL 32216

(618) 779-1143

CrossFit gym located near JTB and Philips Hwy

We are here all the time - lifting heavy stuff... stop by and come play with us!

Crossfit South Side - Jacksonville FL
7014 AC Skinner Pkwy, Ste 220
Jacksonville FL 32256-6959

(904) 296-4552

CrossFit West Jax - Jacksonville FL
7254 Golden Wings Rd, Unit 15
Jacksonville FL 32244

(904) 614-1634

A community of CrossFitters located across from NAS Jacksonville.

CrossFit Duval - Jacksonville FL
11236 St Johns Industrial Pkwy S
Jacksonville FL 32246

(904) 591-0451


North Jax CrossFit - Jacksonville FL
14476 Duval Pl W, Unit 506
Jacksonville FL 32218

(619) 459-3020

North Jax CrossFit in Jacksonville, FL is a core strength & conditioning program that delivers a fitness that is by design, broad, general, and inclusive.