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There’s hesitation in using the title “Personal Trainer” to describe Louie’s line of work. On paper, it’s the most accurate phrase, yet he’s really-truly-not-exaggerating so much more.
Louie is a like a savant when it comes to identifying individuals’ work-out issues and developing targeted training to conquer those issues.

Ask anyone who trains with him for affirmation. Inquire with the woman who almost miraculously got strong enough to enjoy running again after just a couple sessions with Louie. Get the story of the client who lost the 15 extra pounds he’d carried most his life. Hear from pro athletes who come to Louie to (finally) be physically challenged. Check in with any of the everyday clients who turn to him to get fit and feel good in their own skin.

Through focused observation and interaction, Louie detects motion, muscular skeletal, nutrition—and even mental—impediments that are holding clients back from reaching their full physical well-being and best fitness levels. From there, he creates highly customized (and never predictable) regimens for conquering the issues and achieving wellness goals.

Yes, this sounds incredible, and surely it raises some questions. So here are a few answers for you...
- Yes, Louie is highly trained and very experienced. We’re talking 20,000+ hours of experience. He’s been a personal trainer for more than 15years and is certified by__.

- His Bachelor’s in Education from Northwestern comes in pretty handy in his job, as well.

- No, there’s no formula approach for Louie. Every client’s work-out is customized based on current fitness level in relation to desired goals, and no two sessions are exactly alike.

- Sure, Louie loves to lead group fitness training. It’s one of his specialities, and he’ll always work in individual training tips and direction during group work-outs.

- Yes and no… Louie is not the most expensive trainer nor is he the cheapest. What he offers is worth the investment because it’s always customized, goal-oriented and never routine. What you need one session may be very different the next, and Louie will lead you through it.

- Yes, he’s a former athlete (football scholarship to Northwestern), but he’s absolutely not intimidating for even non-athletes to work with. He relates to anybody and “any body,” no matter the fitness level.

Louie began his career in Chicago while still a student at Northwestern and eventually brought his unique approach to fitness training to Nashville. Today, he works with a wide range of clients and groups to achieve what he calls “symmetry for the body” and sustainable fitness for all.

Ready for training that’s really personal and customized just for you? Contact Louie today to get started.

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