Glassworks Fitness - Louisville KY

Downtown Louisville's neighborhood gym!

Personal, semi-private, and large group training. Open gym access. Results-driven nutrition strategy program.

Glassworks Fitness - Louisville KY


815 W Market St, Lowr, Louisville, Kentucky 40202


(502) 992-3200


At Glassworks Fitness, we have a different approach to making health and fitness a part of your everyday life: we make every workout about YOU.

We center your membership around YOUR strengths, weaknesses, and goals. We do this first by immediately getting acquainted with what YOU want from your fitness center. We deliberately staff Glassworks Fitness every hour it is open. This gives our members a constant confidant for questions, workout ideas, encouragement, etc. whenever they're in the gym.

Secondly, we offer large group training, not just fitness classes. Our instructors are second to none, and they cater to each participant's individual needs and goals in every session.

So, come on in to YOUR fitness center, Glassworks Fitness, and see what we're all about. Your first workout is on us, and that includes large group training! We can't wait to welcome you to the Glassworks Fitness family!

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