GrayStone CrossFit and Human Performance - New Albany IN

GrayStone CrossFit and Human Performance is located in downtown New Albany, IN. We hope to bring a new mentality of fitness and community into the downtown New Albany area.

GrayStone CrossFit and Human Performance - New Albany IN


141 E Main St, New Albany, Indiana 47150


(812) 270-4138


GrayStone CrossFit and Human Performance is a fitness facility in downtown New Albany. We were founded by a group of veterans and are dedicated to supporting the local community. Our goal is to provide a community and facility to bring together all walks of life.
Because of our background we are also supporting Active Heroes with the development of an Active Heroes community center located at our facility. We have also decided to donate a significant portion of every membership to Active Heroes to truly follow through with our desire to support and provide.

Class times at 6am, 7am, and 8am.
Open Gym from 9am -11am
Class times at 11am, 12pm
Open Gym from 1pm – 4pm
Class Times 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, 7pm
Sat Class Time 8am, 9am, 10am Open Gym from 11-2

GrayStone is dedicated to building a culture that supports the betterment of any who come through the door by using health and fitness as a foundation. We will continue to support the local community and especially the local veterans and wounded heroes in their recovery back into civilian life.

GrayStone Performance and GrayStone CrossFit was founded in 2017. The facility is located in downtown New Albany, Indiana and is equipped with weights, concept 2 rowers, barbells, dumbbells, and a multitude of other pieces of equipment. We offer class and individual coaching utilizing a plethora of training techniques to include the CrossFit methodology, agility training, and sports oriented strength and conditioning.

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