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CrossFit Magnus - Portland OR
930 SE Taylor St
Portland OR 97214

(503) 719-6028

POINT Gym and Kitchen - Portland OR
1115 SE Salmon St
Portland OR 97214

(503) 568-5324

We specialize in strength, agility, & natural movement training + comprehensive & holistic nutrition coaching in Portland, Oregon.

InSync Fitness & CrossFit Excellence - Portland OR
2007 SE Grand Ave
Portland OR 97214

(971) 242-4182

InSync Center for Fitness & CrossFit Excellence

Station L Rowing Club - Portland OR
1515 SE Water Ave
Portland OR 97214

(503) 893-5117

Station L Rowing Club is a non-profit membership organization offering educational, recreational and competitive rowing opportunities for adults of all ages and abilities in the Portland, Oregon area.

Eat Well, Train Safe, Play Hard - Portland OR
2820 SE 8th Ave.
Portland OR 97206

(503) 432-5041

I am a Level 1 CrossFit Coach , an ACSM certified Personal Trainer, and an NCSM certified Corrective Exercise Specialist.

CrossFit Primal Energy - Portland OR
2820 SE 8th Ave
Portland OR 97202

(503) 754-4378

CrossFit Primal Energy - Portland, Oregon's Premier CrossFit Gym. We help people become physically active and healthy for a long time.

Metaphysical Fitness - Portland OR
2820 SE 8th Ave
Portland OR 97202

(503) 329-8129

Turning addicts into athletes.

Joe Beck CADC1, USAW Sports Performance Coach & CrossFit Level 1 trainer

The Gym PDX - Portland OR
905 SE Ankney Street
Portland OR 97214

(971) 236-7610

Rebel Strength is a training facility specializing in turning athletes and regular joes and janes into superhuman fitness ninjas.

Knot Springs - Portland OR
33 NE 3rd Ave
Portland OR 97232

(503) 222-5668

Portland's new social club centered around health, wellness & good times.Our offerings include a hot springs inspired spa, Transformative & Restorative group fitness classes, Burl Gym & massage & personal training services.

Portland Rock Gym - Portland OR
21 NE 12th Ave
Portland OR 97232

(503) 232-8310

Oregon's first indoor climbing gym.

Club Seven Fitness - Portland OR
220 SW Main St
Portland OR 97204

(503) 447-3176

No Treadmills. No Ellipticals. Just Pure Exercise Classes, Bootcamp and Functional Fitness. Personal Training & Sports Training by appt.

Our club believes in a positive and patience environment. We want you to feel Incredible.

Bold & Badass Fitness - Portland OR
1634 SE Brooklyn St
Portland OR 97202

(503) 422-0652

Bold & Badass Fitness is a fitness community for those who might not enjoy a more traditional gym atmosphere. We're body-positive, LGBTQ friendly, feminist, and nerdy to the core.

Blue Ox Athletics - Portland OR
418 NE 8th Ave
Portland OR 97232

(503) 939-4839

We are makers of strong & fit.

We are a gym for the busy professional who could use some support to be flexible, fit, and strong.

The Children's Gym - Portland OR
1625 NE Sandy Blvd
Portland OR 97232

(503) 249-5867

At The Children's Gym, we inspire children for a lifetime through the sport of gymnastics. Children ages 12 months through 14 years are challenged in a noncompetitive environment to develop not only their bodies but also their minds.

The Playground Gym - Portland OR
505 NE Grand Ave
Portland OR 97232

(503) 235-7529

24 Hour Fitness - Downtown Portland, OR - Portland OR
1407 SW 4th Ave
Portland OR 97201-5530

(503) 224-2233

Welcome to the fan page for our 24 Hour Fitness Downtown Portland club. We love to hear from our valued members so feel free to send us a message or post on the wall.

Strength Union - Portland OR
1777 SE Pershing St.
Portland OR 97202

(971) 255-0098

A strength gym building a community of people looking to improve their health and get stronger. We provide coaching at all levels and programming in a team environment to help encourage you and build you to be at your best physically and mentally.

StudioX Fitness - Portland OR
2839 SE Stark St
Portland OR 97214

(503) 236-7114

Studio X turns the typical gym experience on its head.

Built on the idea that you can be the master of your body & your health, our personal trainers and group instructors are focused on helping you realize your goals.

CrossFit StumpTown - Portland OR
535 NE 28th Ave
Portland OR 97232

(971) 271-7167

CrossFit, Personal Training, CrossFit Football, CrossFit Endurance

The Green Microgym - Belmont - Portland OR
828 SE 34th, Studio B
Portland OR 97214

(503) 313-6216

A Southeast Portland neighborhood gym for everyone. We're open!

Lloyd Athletic Club - Portland OR
815 NE Halsey St
Portland OR 97232

(503) 287-4594


Black Rose Fitness Society - Portland OR
2929 SE Powell Blvd, Ste 7
Portland OR 97202

(503) 729-9272

Strength, its not just for jocks anymore

Crossfit for the Anti-heroes

CrossFit SW Portland - KidFit & TeenFit - Portland OR
1226 SW 16th Ave
Portland OR 97205

(503) 810-4722

CrossFit SW Portland's KidFit community will be featured here.

24 Hour Fitness - Portland McLoughlin, OR - Portland OR
4546 SE McLoughlin Blvd
Portland OR 97202

(503) 205-9588

Welcome to the fan page for the 24 Hour Fitness McLoughlin club. We love to hear from our valued members so feel free to send us a message or post on our wall.

24 Hour Fitness - The Pearl, OR - Portland OR
1210 NW Johnson St
Portland OR 97209

(503) 222-1210

Welcome to the fan page for our 24 Hour Fitness The Pearl club. We love to hear from our valued members so feel free to send us a message or post on the wall.

journey gym - Portland OR
331 NE Hancock St
Portland OR 97212

(855) 695-6876

journey gym has created the Health Is A Journey System, a health and fitness system for the rest of us.

Fulcrum Fitness - Portland OR
1932 W Burnside St
Portland OR 97209

(503) 766-2670

• Voted Willamette Week's BEST GYM 2016 •
Get Fit | Have Fun | Kick Ass
You get started, we’ll keep you going strong.

Multnomah Athletic Club - Portland OR
1849 SW Salmon St.
Portland OR 97205

(503) 223-6251

Multnomah Athletic Club - Portland OR
1849 SW Salmon St
Portland OR 97205-1726

(503) 223-6251

Multnomah Athletic Club -- A private athletic and social club in Portland, Oregon. For more information about MAC, go to

CrossFit Pearl District - Portland OR
1210 NW 10th Ave
Portland OR 97209

(503) 929-3252

Portland Laughter Yoga - Portland OR
Hawthorne Laughter Club at Hawthorne Wellness Center Movement Studio 3942 Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard
Portland OR 97214

(971) 266-1645

The premier PDX resource offering a fun & dedicated laughter community w various clubs plus trainings, lunch-n-learns, team building, celebrations etc!

Rivet Athletic Club - Portland OR
5035 SE McLoughlin Blvd
Portland OR 97202

(503) 837-3534

We Make Fitness Fun! CrossFit, CrossFit Kids, strength & conditioning and mobility classes in a clean, family-friendly, neighborhood gym.

Northwest Women's Fitness Club - Portland OR
2714 NE Broadway
Portland OR 97232

(503) 287-0655

Loving Life! It's where a Portland Woman, committed to Looking and Feeling her best, should workout!

Pacific Crest Crossfit - Portland OR
2225 N Vancouver Ave
Portland OR 97227

(503) 479-8461

Regular classes:
Monday - Friday
6am, 9am, 12pm, 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, 7pm

Masters (age 60+):
Monday and Thursday only

Loprinzi's Gym - Portland OR
2414 SE 41st Ave
Portland OR 97214

(503) 232-8311

A friendly neighborhood gym serving Southeast Portland since 1948. Free weights, Cardio machines, Classes, Steam&sauna room & outdoor pool with membership.

Fulcrum Fitness - Portland OR
1425 SE 43rd Ave
Portland OR 97215

(503) 956-2513

• Voted Willamette Week's BEST GYM 2016 •
Get Fit | Have Fun | Kick Ass
You get started, we’ll keep you going strong.

Joey's Fitness and Body Sculpting - Portland OR
2131 NE Thompson St
Portland OR 97212

(503) 290-8191

Let's get up and get moving! I will motivate, educate, demonstrate and make exercise fun. This can happen in a gym setting or in the comforts of your home.

PulsePDX - Portland OR
3602 NE Sandy Blvd
Portland OR 97232-1963

(503) 985-8355

We've combined the high energy workout of a Zumba fitness class with the amazing disco lights and sounds of a nightclub for one exhilarating way to burn those calories!

Bridgetown CrossFit and Barbell Club - Portland OR
740 N Russell St
Portland OR 97227

(503) 281-1083

First class is FREE for prospective clients. Classes are offered seven days week.. Mon-Fri: 6, 7, Noon, 5, 6; Saturday: 9, 10, 11; Sunday: 10, 11, Noon

Bleeding Hearts Kettlebell Club - Portland OR
2043 SE 50th Ave
Portland OR 97215

(206) 819-1525

Bleeding Hearts Kettlebell Club is a kettlebell studio dedicated to making fitness affordable.

CrossFit 503 - Portland OR
6050 SW Macadam Ave
Portland OR 97239

(503) 564-8708

The Circuit Bouldering Gym - Portland OR
6050 SW Macadam Ave
Portland OR 97239

(503) 246-5111

With three of the largest bouldering gyms in the country, The Circuit has been proud to serve Portland and the climbing community at large since 2005!

Vulkan Weightlifting - Portland OR
6050 SW Macadam Ave
Portland OR 97239

(503) 878-0117

Vulkan Weightlifting is a competitive weightlifting club in the Pacific Northwest located in Portland OR.

Hyatt Training - Portland OR
2001 NW 19th Ave #102
Portland OR 97209

(503) 360-0053

Hyatt Training is a Portland personal training gym that offers one-on-one personal training and coaching programs for busy people like you.

24 Hour Fitness - Hollywood, OR - Portland OR
4224 NE Halsey St
Portland OR 97213

(503) 281-4767

Welcome to the fan page for our 24 Hour Fitness Hollywood club. We love to hear from our valued members so feel free to send us a message or post on the wall.

Straight Blast Gym - Portland, Oregon - Portland OR
1812 NE 43rd Ave
Portland OR 97213

(503) 230-7924

Home of Oregon's first BJJ black belts, and Portland's first MMA gym! It is run by Oregon's highest ranking BJJ black belt (4th degree) Matt Thornton, as well as 4 other BJJ black belts & world class MMA coaches! Come in today!Call 503-230-7924!

Crossfit Xfactor Bootcamp - Portland OR
2202 NW Roosevelt St
Portland OR 97210

(406) 250-4585

Xfactor's Bootcamp class is for those that want to get a good sweat on, have fun, work hard without worrying bout a score or using any barbells.

Fulcrum Fitness - Portland OR
3934 NE M L King Blvd, Ste 106
Portland OR 97212

(503) 956-2513

• Voted Willamette Week's BEST GYM 2016 •
Get Fit | Have Fun | Kick Ass
You get started, we’ll keep you going strong.

Southwest Portland Martial Arts and CrossFit Hillsdale - Portland OR
1509 SW Sunset Blvd
Portland OR 97239

(503) 432-7450

Our mission is to provide students with quality instruction in the martial arts and CrossFit.

Upper Westside Play Gym - Portland OR
1509 SW Sunset Blvd
Portland OR 97239

(503) 246-2292

Upper Westside Play Gym is located in SW Hillsdale. Focus on health, learning through play, quality movement instruction ages 0-5, and caretaker support.

Industrial Strength Gym - Portland OR
2034 NW 26th Ave
Portland OR 97210

(971) 242-8471

A comprehensive approach to strength training.

Foster Fitness - Portland OR
5623 SE Center St
Portland OR 97206

(503) 775-6399

Locally owned neighborhood gym. Great equipment. Personal training offered. Stop on in and take a look. It's time for you to commit to get fit!

Skogg Gym - Portland OR
2636 NW 26th Ave, Ste 1
Portland OR 97210

(503) 546-9909

SKOGG System kettlebell workout converts your body's vulnerabilities into strengths. It integrates your muscles rather than isolates. You, only Stronger!

Hollywood Fitness - Portland OR
5223 NE Sandy Blvd.
Portland OR 97213

(503) 281-4776

Portland Hollywood Fitness Center
24 Hours Fitness Center, Health Club, Gym
Always open
Sun to Sat
only $19 a month

Intrepid Athletics PDX - Portland OR
4830 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
Portland OR 97211

(503) 757-8646

Group and Personal Training for adults and youth. Services include CrossFit, Weightlifting, Strongman, Gymnastics, & Nutrition/Lifestyle Guidance.

Me Fitness Studios - Portland OR
4943 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
Portland OR 97211

(503) 282-7900

Me Fitness Studios has all the elements to provide you with the tools you need to start or maintain a healthy life style. We are more than a gym, we are a fitness center that provides a wealth of information that allows you to reach your goals.

Northwest Stars Basketball Club - Portland OR
6651 SW Capitol Hwy
Portland OR 97219

(503) 914-8118

NW Stars is a year-round basketball program serving players grades 4-12. We are a partnering club of Cal Stars, home of Cal Stars Nike Elite.

Alive MMA Portland - Portland OR
5607 SE Woodstock Blvd
Portland OR 97206

(503) 954-3304

We are a good gym dedicated to health, truth, contribution, and community. We help people relax, play, move better, and feel awesome.

Alive Mixed Martial Arts - Portland OR
5607 SE Woodstock Blvd
Portland OR 97206

(503) 342-6320

We are a great gym in the Woodstock neighborhood that offers Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Kali/Arnis, Kickboxing, Kajukenbo, and Strength & Conditioning.

G.I.R.L.S. Gym - Portland OR
7427 SE 52nd Ave.
Portland OR 97206

(503) 847-1681

Established in 2005, G.I.R.L.S. Gym is a female focused school specializing in Kickboxing, Submission Grappling, Mixed Martial Arts and Self Defense.

Cully Strength Project - Portland OR
4737 NE Going Street
Portland OR 97218

(253) 951-3637

The Cully Strength Project is a small gym located in the Cully neighborhood. We offer fun, science-based, fitness classes with a low barrier to entry.

Peninsula Wrestling Club - Portland OR
700 N Rosa Parks Way
Portland OR 97217

(503) 314-7884

Portland Athletic Club - Portland OR
5803 SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy
Portland OR 97221

(503) 292-2649

Old School Fitness for Old School Prices!

Cascade Athletic Clubs - Portland OR
9260 SE Stark Street
Portland OR 97216

(503) 257-4142

Grand Avenue Boxing Club - Portland OR
8333 NE Russell St Portland Oregon 97220
Portland OR 97220

(503) 235-9559

Forge Parkour - Portland OR
311 SE 97th Ave
Portland OR 97216

(503) 477-8209

Forge Parkour is an indoor parkour training facility located in Portland OR. Come take classes or participate in open gyms.

Club Pilates - Portland OR
7515 SW Barnes Rd., Ste. 102
Portland OR 97225

(503) 477-9172

24 Hour Fitness - Mall 205, OR - Portland OR
10052 SE Washington St
Portland OR 97216

(503) 252-2447

Welcome to the fan page for our 24 Hour Fitness Mall 205 club. We love to hear from our valued members so feel free to send us a message or post on the wall.

Snap Fitness - Milwaukie OR
4200 SE King Rd
Milwaukie OR 97222

(503) 353-7627

Being in your neighborhood, we would like for you to treat the gym as your own!You'll have 24/7 key card access. We have Cybex equipment, cardio equipment, free weights in a sparkling clean environment. Come try us out on a FREE WEEK!

BFit Gyms - Beaverton OR
8235 SW Apple Way
Beaverton OR 97225

(503) 673-2771

Reach your fitness goals at BFit Beaverton/Raleigh Hills and #PassFitOn with our Shareable Gym Pass. Great Equipment. Great Hours. Great Rate. Friendliest Gym near you.

The Playground Gym - Portland OR
5215 N. Lombard St, Suite 3 & 4
Portland OR 97203

(503) 894-8503

CrossFit SW Portland - Beaverton OR
9665 SW Allen Blvd
Beaverton OR 97005

(503) 810-4722

RSVP for a free consult and introduction to CrossFit and get started in one of our many programs.

CrossFit Immense - Portland OR
11520 SE 82nd Ave, Ste D
Portland OR 97086

(503) 342-6490

Mountain Park Racquet Club - Lake Oswego OR
3 Botticelli St
Lake Oswego OR 97035-1302

(503) 635-3776

West Coast Fitness - Portland OR
7522 N. Lombard St
Portland OR 97203

(503) 283-5404

We are a locally owned & operated gym in North Portland. We opened in 1994, and LOVE being a part of this community!

Trainer's Club - Lake Oswego OR
333 S State St, Ste W
Lake Oswego OR 97034

(503) 636-3900

At Trainer’s Club, we specialize in personal training, group class instruction, massage, spa services, acupuncture and nutrition coaching.

CrossFit Blue House - Portland OR
7315 N Fessenden St.
Portland OR 97203

(503) 501-4560

We are a CrossFit box located in the St. John's neighborhood. We believe that fitness and family go hand in hand.

West Hills Racquet and Fitness Club - Portland OR
2200 SW Cedar Hills Blvd
Portland OR 97225-4556

(503) 646-4106

We're a private tennis & fitness club west of Portland w/ 8 indoor/6 outdoor tennis courts, a 25 yard heated outdoor pool & plenty of fitness classes!

Ancrd - Portland OR
9140 sw Hall Blvd. Suite B
Portland OR 97223

(971) 275-4707

We are a health and fitness company ran by Aaron Morton at a private gym facility, leading others to true strength, health, nutrition, and longevity.

Stoneworks Rock Climbing Gym - Beaverton OR
6775 SW 111th Ave, Ste 205
Beaverton OR 97008

(503) 644-3517

Stoneworks Climbing Gym has been open since 1993. Come take advantage of the best climbing gym in Portland and join the great community of friends and family.

East Side Athletic Club - Clackamas OR
9100 SE Sunnyside Rd
Clackamas OR 97015

(503) 659-3846

East Side Athletic Club boasts two full-service family oriented athletic clubs serving southeast Portland (Clackamas & Milwaukie). Visit

Rose City Barbell - Portland OR
9385 SW Greenburg Rd
Portland OR 97223

(503) 784-0061

Rose City Barbell is a strength and conditioning facility located in Tigard, Oregon. We offer CrossFit, Personal Training, Olympic Weightlifting and Yoga!

24 Hour Fitness - Clackamas, OR - Clackamas OR
8720 SE Sunnybrook Blvd
Clackamas OR 97015

(503) 653-0300

Welcome to the fan page for our 24 Hour Fitness Clackamas club. We love to hear from our valued members so feel free to send us a message or post on the wall.

Dynasty Ford Cheer - Portland OR
12826 NE Airport Way
Portland OR 97230

(503) 477-4534

Dynasty Ford Cheer is an All Star Cheer and Tumbling Gym built on the foundation of character building, integrity, and the overall success of each athlete!

Club Pilates - Beaverton OR
2725 SW Cedar Hills Blvd., Ste. 100
Beaverton OR 97005

(503) 430-0693

Frog Jump Fitness - Beaverton OR
8029 SW Cirrus Dr.
Beaverton OR 97005

(503) 901-8351

Not a fan of Big Box Gyms? Hate waiting for a machine? Would you like more One on One attention? Yes? Try a free workout at Frog Jump Fitness. I specialize in Small Group Personal Training and one on one Personal Training.

CrossFit SW Beaverton - Beaverton OR
8075 SW Cirrus Dr
Beaverton OR 97008

(503) 502-8007

FIRST CLASS IS FREE!!!Check out the website for more information and the - GET ADDICTED -

24 Hour Fitness - Beaverton, OR - Beaverton OR
4145 SW Watson Ave
Beaverton OR 97005

(503) 671-0707

Welcome to the fan page for our 24 Hour Fitness Beaverton club. We love to hear from our valued members so feel free to send us a message or post on the wall.

CrossFit Tigard - PAW - Tigard OR
12120 SW Garden Pl
Tigard OR 97223

(971) 344-5826

CrossFit, Personal Training, Bootcamp, & Nutrition in Tigard Oregon.
We pride ourselves on welcoming community, professional staff, & training excellence.

Skyhook Ninja Fitness - Tigard OR
12008 SW Garden Place
Tigard OR 97233

(503) 352-9608

Skyhook Ninja Fitness Is a state of the art American Ninja Warrior Gym located in Tigard, Oregon. Whether you are an Adult or kid, you will love Skyhook.

CrossFit Acro - Vancouver WA
3000 Columbia House Blvd
Vancouver WA 98685

(916) 990-4324

Strength & Conditioning

Boutique Fitness NW - Happy Valley OR
12120 SE Valley View Ter
Happy Valley OR 97086

(503) 705-8393

Boutique Fitness NW is a gym where women can feel comfortable, safe and beautiful while getting stronger, healthier and more confident!

CrossFit Fort Vancouver - Vancouver WA
223 E Reserve St, Unit 101
Vancouver WA 98661

(360) 989-7765

CrossFit Triple City :: PNW Athletics & Nutrition - Milwaukie OR
3901 SE Naef Rd
Milwaukie OR 97267

(503) 956-4979

We get to know you as an individual. Our mission is to equip you to become the best, most powerful version of yourself in mind, body and spirit.

Sunset Athletic Club Tennis - Portland OR
13939 NW Cornell Rd
Portland OR 97229

(503) 645-6713

The best tennis community in Portland!

CrossFit Reflexion - Beaverton OR
14155 SW Brigadoon Ct
Beaverton OR 97005

(503) 660-3143

CrossFit Reflexion is the genesis of co-owners Shawn Wilson and Jesse Udom, who wanted to offer a unique training environment that provides the motivation, information, accountability, structure and coaching to help you reach your goals.

VillaSport Athletic Club and Spa  Beaverton - Beaverton OR
13900 SW Meridian St
Beaverton OR 97005

(971) 317-2600

VillaSport is dedicated to serving members with an extraordinary experience in health, fitness, spa and recreation. VillaSport, the fitness destination.

Fisticuffs Gym - Vancouver WA
7588 Delaware Ln
Vancouver WA 98664

(360) 772-3312

We are a boxing gym located in Vancouver Washington. #Boxing #MMA #Kickboxing

Skyhawk Wrestling Club - SWC - Beaverton OR
9625 SW 125th Ave
Beaverton OR 97008

(971) 235-6210

The SWC is the youth wrestling program for Southridge High School. K - 8th grade

Register online now:

BFit Gyms - Tigard OR
15575 SW Sequoia Parkway, Suite 180
Tigard OR 97224

(503) 446-5040

Reach your fitness goals at BFit Tualatin/Tigard and #PassFitOn with our Shareable Gym Membership. Great Equipment. Great Hours. Great Rate. Friendliest Gym near you. - Vancouver WA
1701 Broadway St
Vancouver WA 98663

(800) 928-1258

One of the leading independent ecommerce site for treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes, and home gyms

My Gym Happy Valley - Clackamas OR
16052 SE 82nd Dr
Clackamas OR 97015

(503) 766-2238

My Gym offers age appropriate, structured classes for children 6 weeks to 10 years of age as well as fantastic birthday parties!

CrossFit Lake Oswego - Lake Oswego OR
17425 Pilkington Rd
Lake Oswego OR 97035

(503) 901-7877

Training facility

CrossFit Timber - Clackamas OR
16440 SE 82nd, Suite B
Clackamas OR 97015

(503) 593-7092

CrossFit classes and custom strength and conditioning training for all fitness levels.
No intimidations. No judgments. Just results.

24 Hour Fitness - Tanasbourne Relo, OR - Beaverton OR
1265 NW Waterhouse Ave
Beaverton OR 97006

(503) 207-0452

Welcome to the fan page for 24 Hour Fitness Tanasbourne club. We love to hear from our valued members so feel free to send us a message or post on the wall.

CrossFit Epiphany - Vancouver WA
5601 E 18th St, # 302
Vancouver WA 98661

(360) 852-0057

Our gym is community focused, providing coaching and support to help each of our members reach their fitness goals.

Spartan Training Portland - Portland OR
17960 SE Division St
Portland OR 97236

(971) 227-1066

This is a private personal training gym for trainers to train their clients.

Lord's Gym Book-n-Ball - Vancouver WA
2410 Grand Blvd
Vancouver WA 98661

(360) 694-6843

Where The Vision of Your Dreams Become a Reality

CrossFit Boones Ferry - Tigard OR
15995 SW 74th Ave
Tigard OR 97223

(541) 602-9177

Offering group and personal training in a unique and fun environment

Iron Valley Crossfit - Clackamas OR
16169 SE 106th Ave, Ste B
Clackamas OR 97015

(503) 544-3817

Crossfit Strength and Conditiong

» Gresham Fitness Nutrition « - Gresham OR
901 SW Highland Dr, Ste W
Gresham OR 97080

(503) 875-2497

Fitness and nutrition club, fit dance sessions Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8:00 pm.
Fun and encouraging place where everybody reaches their goals...

The Little Gym of Lake Oswego/Tualatin - Lake Oswego OR
17890 SW McEwan Rd
Lake Oswego OR 97035

(503) 595-9702

CrossFit Dragonfire - Portland OR
Portland OR 97230

(971) 219-7581

Dragonfire Weightlifting - Portland OR
18412 NE Halsey St
Portland OR 97230

(971) 219-7581

Weightlifting Club and Gym

Beaverton Crossfit - Beaverton OR
16305 NW Bethany Ct, Ste 115A
Beaverton OR 97006

(503) 828-5136

We will improve your overall lifestyle with fitness and nutrition training and get you into the best shape of your life.

Bulldog Battle Series - Beaverton OR
16305 NW Bethany Ct
Beaverton OR 97006

(503) 828-5136

Bulldog Battle Series is hosted and created by Beaverton CrossFit. Our goal is to bring local competitors together in a positive environment.

UFC GYM - Beaverton OR
16365 twin oaks
Beaverton OR 97006

(503) 596-2528

Fitness, Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA, BJJ, Advanced Striking, Daily Ultimate Training, and Open Mat.

Youth Classes- Boxing, Kickboxing, BJJ.

24 Hour Fitness - Tualatin, OR - Tigard OR
17942 SW McEwan Rd
Tigard OR 97224

(503) 670-0400

Welcome to the fan page for the Tualatin Super Sport Club at 24 Hour Fitness. Please check here for updates and information. Feel free to leave a message, post or comment. We love to hear from our valued members. Thanks, from your club Staff!

Bethany Athletic Club - Portland OR
15670 NW Central Dr
Portland OR 97229

(971) 371-7600

Athletic club and full-service day salon and spa.

Fulcrum Fitness - Vancouver WA
316 SE 123rd Avenue, Suite D-12
Vancouver WA 98683

(503) 956-2513

• Voted Willamette Week's BEST GYM 2016 •
Get Fit | Have Fun | Kick Ass
You get started, we’ll keep you going strong.

The House - Tigard OR
16285 SW 85th Ave Suite 108
Tigard OR 97224

(971) 235-0190

The House is a gym where you can bring your fears and insecurities to find clarity and purpose.

Savage Barbell Club - Tigard OR
16285 SW 85th Ave, Ste 303
Tigard OR 97224

(858) 449-1013

BFit Gyms - Clackamas OR
14800 SE Sunnyside Road
Clackamas OR 97015

(503) 489-9330

Reach your fitness goals at BFit Happy Valley/Clackamas and #passfiton with our Shareable Gym Pass. Great Equipment. Great Hours. Great Rate. Friendliest Gym near you!

Cascade Athletic Clubs - Gresham OR
19201 SE Division St
Gresham OR 97030

(503) 665-4142

Four locations: Gresham/Portland/Vancouver
Gresham: 19201 SE Division
East Gresham: 2456 E Powell
205: 9260 SE Stark St.
Fisher's Landing: 16096 SE 15th St

CrossFit Explosion - Portland OR
18039 SW Lower Boones Ferry Rd
Portland OR 97224

(503) 995-4905

Here at CrossFit Explosion our purpose is to instruct and educate our members using the most current health and fitness information to help you reach your goals.

24 Hour Fitness - Vancouver Andresen, WA - Vancouver WA
2913 NE 72nd Dr
Vancouver WA 98661

(360) 713-0223

Welcome to the fan page for our 24 Hour Fitness Vancouver Andresen club. We love to hear from our valued members so feel free to send us a message or post on the wall.

CrossFit Happy Valley - Clackamas OR
15760 SE 130th Ave
Clackamas OR 97015

(541) 852-8000

Monday- Friday 5 am to 8pm
Saturday 8-10am

Open gym everyday day, all day

Nutrition coaching, INBODY experts

GYMGUYZ - Portland OR
15205 SW Sandpiper Ln
Portland OR 97007

(503) 716-1222

GYMGUYZ is #1 in Home Mobile Personal Training company that brings customized, creative workouts to the setting of your choice. If you're looking for the motivation, accountability and drive to help you accomplish your fitness goals— give us a call!

24 Hour Fitness - Murray Scholls, OR - Beaverton OR
11100 SW Murray Scholls Pl
Beaverton OR 97007-8109

(503) 579-5090

Welcome to the fan page for the 24 Hour Fitness Murray Scholls club. Please check here for updates and information. Feel free to leave a message, post or comment. We love to hear from our valued members. Thanks, from your club Staff!

Willamette United Football Club - West Linn OR
19995 SW Stafford Rd
West Linn OR 97068

(503) 638-9777

Willamette United is a soccer club located in the southern region of the Portland Metro area. •Club •Charcater •Community

ClubSport Oregon - Tigard OR
18120 SW Lower Boones Ferry Rd
Tigard OR 97224

(503) 229-0777

A premier fitness club ClubSport Oregon offers an unparalleled selection of fitness options including an indoor rock gym, the largest in the Pacific NorthWest.

ClubSport Ascent Climbing Center - Tigard OR
18120 SW Lower Boones Ferry Rd
Tigard OR 97224

(503) 968-4535

Premier Sport & Fitness - Happy Valley OR
16144 SE Happy Valley Town Center Dr, Ste 101
Happy Valley OR 97086

(503) 558-1728

Fitness Club

Club Pilates - Happy Valley OR
12900 SE 162nd Ave., Ste. 101
Happy Valley OR 97086

(971) 236-7634

Stafford Hills Club - Tulatin OR
5916 SW Nyberg Ln
Tulatin OR 97062

(503) 612-2400

Stafford Hills Club is a private wellness, fitness, tennis and aquatics club located on Nyberg Ln. in Tualatin, Oregon.

The Workout CrossFit - Vancouver WA
2415 SE 165th Ave, Ste 105
Vancouver WA 98683

(360) 818-1101

The Workout is a motivational community environment.

CrossFit Cimmeria - Gresham OR
2425 NW Birdsdale Ave
Gresham OR 97030

(503) 807-5581

Cultivating a fit community and improving lives by providing high level fitness in a welcoming enviornment, so that people may live happier and healthier.

CrossFit PDX - Gresham OR
2206-1 NW Birdsdale Ave
Gresham OR 97030

(971) 231-4757

A broad, general, and inclusive fitness program. We build and reinforce functional movement capacity that is vital to longevity alongside athleticism.