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Find the best gyms in Tulsa OK including health clubs and fitness centers throughout the Tulsa OK area.

Fitness by DPL - Tulsa OK

Tulsa OK

(918) 691-7973

Train with an Olympian and see results
Look no further, I am your last stop shop when it come to fitness and kids one on one sports ( Flexibility, Speed, Conditioning and Agility)
We will work towards your specific goals to see RESULTS

10 GYM - Tulsa OK

Tulsa OK

(918) 307-2495

10GYM - $10 a month, No Contract!

Beacon Yoga Studio - Tulsa OK
406 S Boulder Ave
Tulsa OK 74103

(918) 237-0487

The Philosophy Tree Strength Training Systems - Tulsa OK
15 North Cheyenne
Tulsa OK 74103

(918) 902-3726

We are a personal training studio and strength training facility. Our goal is to give you the highest quality training and nutrition counseling possible

Tower Fitness, LLC - Tulsa OK
401 S Boston Ave Ste 1600
Tulsa OK 74103

(918) 584-6466

At Tower Fitness our goal is to provide a convenient, affordable fitness center for Downtown Tulsans. We offer a clean, convenient facility for everyone, ranging from the avid runner to the dedicated weight lifter.

StudiOne Tulsa - Tulsa OK
525 S Main St, Ste 101
Tulsa OK 74103

(918) 697-4575

Studio One is a yoga and fitness studio in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma. We offer quality training packages for fitness and running groups, as well as daily yoga classes.

Press Cafe x Yoga - Tulsa OK
205 E Archer Street
Tulsa OK 74103

(539) 664-4651

Press is a minimalist coffeeshop with an adjoining hot yoga studio. Knock out your morning email in the cafe, crush a 60 minute hot vinyasa flow class, and then grab coffee with a friend or take it to-go.

Coming to the Brady Arts District in Fall 2017.

Fitness Together Downtown - Tulsa OK
616 S Boston Ave
Tulsa OK 74119

(918) 935-3508

Studio POP Indoor Cycling and Yoga - Tulsa OK
10 N Greenwood (Facing Archer)
Tulsa OK 74120

(918) 576-6897

Cycle to blow your mind, yoga to put it back together. Studio//POP// Indoor cycling, Yoga and Fitness Studio open now.

Okie Sweat - Tulsa OK
409 E. 8th St.
Tulsa OK 74120

(918) 973-3348

Okie Bootcamp offers intense training in a fun environment that will get you amazing results, fast! It is a fitness for everyone all ages, men and women!

Sweeney Strong Fitness Challenge - Tulsa OK
12 E 11th St
Tulsa OK 74119

(918) 592-3862 Ext 316

Let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.

Hebrews 12:1

Progression  Fitness and Nutrition - Tulsa OK
506 E 11th St
Tulsa OK 74120

(918) 814-2382

Evidence based personal and group physical fitness training program using the High Intensity Continuous Training (HICT) method.

Be Love Yoga Studio Tulsa - Tulsa OK
1310 E 6th St
Tulsa OK 74120

(918) 605-8221

Be Love. Yoga, Acro and Community.

FitCon Tulsa - Tulsa OK
1314 E 3rd St
Tulsa OK 74120

(918) 902-3948

FitCon Tulsa is a welcoming studio centered around functional fitness that supports and enhances your everyday lifestyle.

Mindful Body Fitness - Tulsa OK
1314 East 3rd Street
Tulsa OK 74120

(918) 313-0000

Invest in Yourself. Learn to Move Again. Train for Life.

The Engine Room - Tulsa OK
1338 E 6th St
Tulsa OK 74120

(918) 289-0090

The Engine Room is located at 1338 E. 6th Street in the historic Pearl District of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Competition Boxing as well as Fitness Classes for all.

216 S Trenton Ave
Tulsa OK 74120

(918) 510-8745

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu team. Fitness club

CrossStream Fitness Boot Camp - Tulsa OK
815 S Utica Ave
Tulsa OK 74104

(918) 513-1362

Cross~ Stream Fitness Boot Camp is where you achieve great results through hard work and dedication.The CrossStream Fitness program motivates individuals and promotes and enhances physical activities that build and re-energize the skeletal system.

Orangetheory Fitness Midtown Tulsa - Tulsa OK
1551 E. 15th St., Suite 103
Tulsa OK 74120

(918) 900-2727

Heart-rate based interval training in a fun and energizing group environment. Work for 1 hour, burn for 36. That's the Orange effect!

I AM Yoga Tulsa - Tulsa OK
1604 E 15th Street
Tulsa OK 74120

(918) 933-5865

A vinyasa yoga studio located in a beautiful building on Cherry Street in Tulsa, OK. With over 30 yoga classes each week, we offer vinyasas, beginners, gentle/restorative, power, and candlelight classes.

Strength, Power and Fitness - Tulsa OK

Tulsa OK 74104

(918) 951-4828

We are a website that lists Powerlifting, Olympic Lifting, Strongman and X-fit events in the surrounding area.

Revel Strength and Fitness - Tulsa OK
2608 East 11th Street
Tulsa OK 74104

(314) 210-0964

Revel Strength and Fitness is forging a path to change your ideas about fitness. Our Mission is simple. We care.

Physiques by Monique Indoor Cycling & Personal Training Studio - Tulsa OK
3403 S Peoria Ave, Ste 100 (upstairs)
Tulsa OK 74105

(918) 508-2112

Indoor cycling and professional personal training offered 7 days a week, located in a beautiful boutique studio on Brookside!

Revved Fitness - Tulsa OK
3409 S. Peoria
Tulsa OK 74105

(918) 794-3500

Tulsa's REVVED Fitness studio offers a unique, high–intensity group training workout broken into intervals of strength, core and cardiovascular.

BOSS Fitness Tulsa - Tulsa OK
3509 S Peoria Ave, # 300
Tulsa OK 74105

(918) 693-1188

A top tier, full service, fitness facility with exceptional customer service and an outstanding environment!! Let us cater to you! You're the BOSS!!

Bai Lan Studio - Tulsa OK
1748 S Harvard Ave
Tulsa OK 74112

(918) 630-1618

Bai Lan Studio provides certified instruction in Pilates, Master Stretch and Body Key as well as professional ballet instruction.

Total Pilates of Tulsa - Tulsa OK
1135 E 38th St
Tulsa OK 74105

(918) 744-9499

Tulsa's premier Pilates studio since 1997. Fully equipped studio offering private and group training on Reformers, Towers, Wunda Chairs, and Cadillacs.

Locked in Fitness Training - Tulsa OK

Tulsa OK 74127

(918) 565-3646

Locked in-Fitness Training is all about providing professional training to individuals/Groups to achieve fitness/Sports goals.

S & M Elite Fitness - Tulsa OK

Tulsa OK 74105

(918) 760-6484

S&M Elite Fitness is a Tulsa Based company offering personal training services ranging from one on one personal training, to online training, meal plans and more! Concat us with your personal goals and lets get started!

Personal Trainer Tulsa Ok - Tulsa OK

Tulsa OK 74105

(918) 697-7867

health and fitness, one on one or group training...

Gymology Fitness - Tulsa OK
4719 E 11th St.
Tulsa OK 74112

(918) 747-7725

Gymology Tulsa offers high intensity boot camps and Cross training coached by certified instructors in a comfortable, fun and energetic atmosphere. Did we mention we have the best price in town?

Tulsa Yoga Quest - Tulsa OK
3325 E 31ST ST
Tulsa OK 74135-0000

(918) 622-5454

Physical and Mental Fitness

Motion Tulsa - Tulsa OK
3133 S Harvard Ave
Tulsa OK 74135

(918) 747-5425

Motion Tulsa is Tulsa's most unique Fitness and Wellness experience. We offer group fitness classes for adults and children.

Sculpt Tulsa, LLC - Tulsa OK
4329 S Peoria Ave
Tulsa OK 74105

(918) 949-9008

Sculpt Tulsa, LLC is a Barre Studio, also offering TRX Suspension Training Classes as well as personal training and lifestyle weight management coaching.

The Pit Power Club - Tulsa OK
4821 E 11th St
Tulsa OK 74112-4229

(918) 938-7000

24 Hour Gym - NO Contracts!

1 Month - $35
3 Months - $90
6 Months - $150
12 Months - $240

Southside Judo Club - Tulsa OK
1138 S Yale Ave
Tulsa OK 74112

(918) 808-7969

The Only costs to joining is a yearly $50 fee that is required to join the United States Judo Association, and a yearly $50 fee to the Will Rogers Church

Mikey's Gym - Tulsa OK
3320 E 32nd St
Tulsa OK 74135

(918) 734-9483

Open Monday thru Saturday at noon for an open mat. Kids class Monday thru Thursday 6-7. Adults class Monday thru Thursday 7--8

Strength Company - Tulsa OK
3111 S Jamestown Ave
Tulsa OK 74135

(918) 946-3622

Midtown Tulsa now how has a real gym, with beautiful brand new equipment and a twice certified Kettlebelll Instructor at the helm.*

Amazing Fitness Hoops - Tulsa OK
3319 E 46th St
Tulsa OK 74135

(918) 688-4669

Amazing Fitness Hoops is America's Top Choice for Fitness Hula Hoops, weighted exercise hoops that are comfortable and easy to use.

Zumba Fitness with Kenna - Tulsa OK

Tulsa OK 74112

(918) 629-8457

Hi, I'm Kenna Palmer and I love teaching Zumba classes! I teach Zumba Fitness and Zumba Toning and will bring Strong by Zumba to you later this year.