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Iron Idol Fitness - Raleigh NC


2501 Batterhayes Rd, Raleigh, North Carolina 27615


(919) 691-2673


Iron Idol Fitness is an elite training team that combines scientifically based methods with real world experiences to transform the human body into the ultimate work of art. Expert fitness trainer Tommy Kittrell created IIF with the vision of success,….utilizing his 17 plus years in the fitness industry Tommy has mastered his craft and turned his passion for fitness into a reality with IIF. Tommy and his team will create a comprehensive diet and/or training program focusing on the individual client’s personal goals and aspirations that will have them shredding fat and building muscle faster and more efficiently than they thought possible! Whether you plan to step on stage, put on some muscle mass, or just lose a few pounds and tone up, IIF can help you reach your goals! Remember, it starts with a vision…… ends with success.

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