KrankFit Nashville - Nashville TN

Nashville's Total Body Fitness Experience | Cycle + Strength

Krank Nashville - Nashville TN


2148 Bandywood Dr, Nashville, Tennessee 37215


(615) 549-0240


Krank Nashville is a Total Body Cycle & Interval Training Studio located in Nashville, TN with multiple classes to fit any schedule at all levels. The First Time is always free - come check us out today!

Curious About Classes?

Indoor Cycling: Not your normal in the saddle ride. Krank offers all the best parts of indoor cycle plus an arm and core workout that will blow your heart rate and calorie burn out of the park! Amazing music and an awesome space will keep you in the groove on this ride.

Krank: An intense, small group, full body, explosive workout with sandbags, TRX, Halo Bells, UGI balls and a lot of gravity. It is proven that this type workout take calories like no other. We modify for ALL body types - so come ready to work at your pace.

30/30: 30 minutes of a Cycle class and 30 minutes of a Krank class. Can you handle it!?

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