Martial Arts in Charlotte NC

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Charlotte Jiu-Jitsu Academy - Charlotte NC
210 Rampart St #D, Charlotte, NC
Charlotte NC 28203

(980) 999-0255

Piedmont Martial Arts Academy - Charlotte NC
Avondale Presbyterian Church, 2821 Park Rd
Charlotte NC 28209

(704) 910-2066

Piedmont Martial Arts Academy is dedicated to teaching the style of Isshin-ryu Karate to students ages 3 and up.

Charlotte Martial Arts Academy - Charlotte NC
3420 Saint Vardell Lane, Suite E
Charlotte NC 28217

(704) 333-4155

Charlotte Martial Arts Academy - Charlotte's leading martial arts school and fitness center. Please post pictures, reviews, comments and questions!!

ECF Martial Arts & Fitness / BTT Charlotte - Charlotte NC
4128 South Blvd, Ste B
Charlotte NC 28209

(704) 534-3751

Muay Thai & Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu by Brazilian Top Team (Adults&Kids), Fitness Kickboxing, Fit in 5 Workout, Taekwondo (kids), Self Defense

Carter Karate - Charlotte NC
4200 S Tryon St
Charlotte NC 28217

(704) 773-2242


We at Carter Karate are on an endless quest for martial arts excellence. To enhance service to our customers, we promise to: Help individuals

Winners for Life Martial Arts South Park - Charlotte NC
1600 E Woodlawn Rd #252
Charlotte NC 28209

(704) 827-8118

Charlotte Shotokan Karate - Charlotte NC
3639 E Independence Blvd.
Charlotte NC 28205

(336) 340-2833

Practice for your seniors 先輩のための練習 Senpai no tame no renshū Practice for your juniors あなたの後輩のための練習 Anata no kōhai no tame no renshū Practice for yourself

Dick Harrell Martial Arts Academy - Charlotte NC
627 Minuet Ln Ste H
Charlotte NC 28217

(704) 619-2024

Martial Arts University - Charlotte NC
2935 Providence Rd., Suite 205
Charlotte NC 28211

(704) 364-1880

Martial Arts University's focus is on teaching focus, self control, self discipline & respect in a fun family friendly environment.

Children Martial Arts in South Park - Charlotte NC
2935 Providence Rd, Ste 205
Charlotte NC 28211

(704) 364-1880

We provide family martial arts classes in Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Hapkido & Philippine Arts that focus on personal development through martial arts training.

Aikido Center Charlotte - Charlotte NC
234 N Sharon Amity Rd
Charlotte NC 28211

(704) 910-1594

The Aikido Center Charlotte, a member of the Zenshinkai Aikido Association with 3 weekly classes: Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday