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313 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu - Detroit MI
2727 2nd Ave
Detroit MI 48201

(313) 638-1113

Offering Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instruction to Detroit's downtown population. Email or call 313-638-1113 with questions! Beginners welcome!

The Art of Life Sanctuary Ninjutsu Martial Arts Private Dojo - Detroit MI
2727 2nd Ave
Detroit MI 48201

(313) 744-3701

This page is a forum for all styles of Martial Arts. If you are interested in any art, show us your support by selecting 'like' on our page. Please share your photos and network with other practitioners. Domo Arigato

PKSA Karate Detroit - Detroit MI
3627B Cass Ave.
Detroit MI 48201

(313) 757-2749

Yellow Tigers Karate School - Detroit MI
3364 Michigan Ave.
Detroit MI 48216

(313) 477-1953

Caique Jiu-Jitsu Academy Windsor - Windsor ON
2109 Ottawa st.
Windsor ON N8Y 1R8


self-defense for adults and kids. Free two week trial. Affordable pricing. Classes available all week to fit your schedule. Large facility.

Mady's MMA - Windsor ON
395 Tecumseh West
Windsor ON N8X1G3


Art Mason's Peaceful Warriors' Martial Arts Institute - Windsor ON
1450 Tecumseh Road East
Windsor ON


Discover the incredible benefits of martial arts classes for your child -

KiHon Traditional MMA - Windsor ON
1450 Tecumseh road east
Windsor ON N8W 1C1


Our specialty is giving people tangible skills to defend themselves and doing it in a safe environment.

Shushinkan Karate - Windsor ON
2530 Dougall Ave
Windsor ON N8X 1T6


shushinkan karate is a proud member of I.O.G.K.F

Copeland's Martial Arts and Fitness - Windsor ON
2557 Dougall Ave # 5
Windsor ON N8X 1T5


Copelands Martial Arts & Fitness is dedicated to the highest quality of martial arts training. We are committed to continually enhancing our program to address fitness, safety tips and a realistic approach to self-defense situations.

Windsor Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu - Windsor ON
4471 Tecumseh Rd. E.
Windsor ON N8W 1K6


Classes for children and families.
Adults 5 days a week + day classes

Southern Ontario Open Martial Arts Championships - Windsor ON
2000 Talbot Rd
Windsor ON N9G 3C3


The Southern Ontario Open Martial arts Championships We welcome any style of Martial Artist to compete.

Zriek's Taekwondo School - Dearborn MI
Dearborn MI 48126

Dearborn Registration 3136575400/ Hype Registration Call 313-435-0043

We focus on teaching martial art fundamentals that will create positive lifestyle changes that last a lifetime.

Detroit Jiu-Jitsu Academy - Dearborn MI
13939 Michigan Ave
Dearborn MI 48126

(313) 522-3222

Welcome To The Detroit Jiu-Jitsu Fan Page

Mr. Kersey's Karate School - Windsor ON
3079 Forest Glade Drive
Windsor ON N8R1W6


Koubeissi Taekwondo school - Dearborn MI
14442 Michigan Ave
Dearborn MI 48126

(313) 945-7755

Koubeissi Taekwondo school where is the Michigan State champions born and raise

PHit MMA - Windsor ON
10700 Tecumseh Rd East
Windsor ON N8R 1A8


Teaching martial arts/ functional fitness one on one or in groups.
Call for a FREE lesson today

Yunhap Family Martial Arts - LaSalle ON
1301 Front Rd.
LaSalle ON N9J 2A9


Yunhap Family Martial Arts is a school for students 4 years+ to learn and grow from the teaching of various Martial Arts.

Institute of Martial Arts - Detroit MI
16849 W Warren Ave
Detroit MI 48228-3567

(313) 581-8999

Offers programs in self defense. Karate, Boxing, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Jujitsu and Hapkido since 1972.

Detroit Institute of Martial Arts-Cooper's Club - Detroit MI
16849 W Warren Ave
Detroit MI 48228

(313) 581-8999

We offer programs in Muay Thai, Boxing, Jujitsu, Wrestling, Kickboxing, Hapkido and Karate.

MKG Detroit - Martial Art & Kickboxing - Ferndale MI
1035 Hilton Rd
Ferndale MI 48220

(248) 820-5654

Group classes & personal training designed to help you improve your overall fitness level, self defense skills, cognitive function, and peace of mind.

Detroit Martial Arts Institute - Detroit MI
13030 W 7 Mile Rd
Detroit MI 48235

(313) 416-7000

We have frequent practice regimes and structured programs seven days a week . At the Detroit Martial Arts Institute, commitment , self esteem, discipline and physical fitness is what we practice and apply.

Masters Taekwondo Academy Windsor - Tecumseh ON
25 Amy Croft Dr
Tecumseh ON N9K 1C7


First WTF(World Taekwondo Federation) membership school in Windsor. Practicing Traditional Taekwondo methods as well as Taekwondo as an Olympic Style.

PKSA Karate Allen Park - Allen Park MI
6848 Allen Rd
Allen Park MI 48101

(734) 552-9953

Martial Arts Instruction for Tang Soo Do. All Ages.

Ultimate Martial Arts Academy - Ferndale MI
1201 Livernois
Ferndale MI 48220

(313) 399-4809

We are the BEST karate program in Detroit! Call TODAY to sign up for our FREE Kids Martial Arts Workshop! 313-399-4809

Allen Park Martial Arts Center - Allen Park MI
7318 Park Ave
Allen Park MI 48101-1903

(313) 928-5288

Welcome to the Allen Park Martial Arts Center (members and friends visit our Facebook Group Page!)