Martial Arts in Indianapolis IN

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TKO Martial Arts Indianapolis - Indianapolis IN
901 Shelby St
Indianapolis IN 46203

(317) 426-0790

TKO is a Martial Arts-based fitness program that emphasizes and promotes healthy active lifestyles, self defense and wellness programs.

Indianapolis Shotokan Karate - Indianapolis IN
1701 Prospect St
Indianapolis IN 46203

(317) 435-9861

Thank you for your interest in our karate dojo. The Indianapolis Shotokan Karate Club is affiliated with Shotokan Karate of America (SKA) a nonprofit organization teaching traditional Karate-do since 1955.

United Kempo Karate Schools - Indianapolis IN
5450 East 21st St
Indianapolis IN 46218

(317) 351-8557

UKKS teaches Chinese Kempo, Jiu-Jitsu, XMA, and Little Dragons. Karate is fun for all ages. Family oriented and plans to fit 98% of all budgets.

International Progressive Taekwondo Federation - IPTF - Indianapolis IN
2948 Carson Dr
Indianapolis IN 46227

(812) 201-3732