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TKO Martial Arts Indianapolis - Indianapolis IN
901 Shelby St
Indianapolis IN 46203

(317) 426-0790

TKO is a Martial Arts-based fitness program that emphasizes and promotes healthy active lifestyles, self defense and wellness programs.

Indianapolis Shotokan Karate - Indianapolis IN
1701 Prospect St
Indianapolis IN 46203

(317) 435-9861

Thank you for your interest in our karate dojo. The Indianapolis Shotokan Karate Club is affiliated with Shotokan Karate of America (SKA) a nonprofit organization teaching traditional Karate-do since 1955.

United Kempo Karate Schools - Indianapolis IN
5450 East 21st St
Indianapolis IN 46218

(317) 351-8557

UKKS teaches Chinese Kempo, Jiu-Jitsu, XMA, and Little Dragons. Karate is fun for all ages. Family oriented and plans to fit 98% of all budgets.

International Progressive Taekwondo Federation - IPTF - Indianapolis IN
2948 Carson Dr
Indianapolis IN 46227

(812) 201-3732

Big Gorilla Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu - Indianapolis IN
5002 Madison Avenue
Indianapolis IN 46227

(317) 405-8996

Big Gorilla Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is based out of Top Level Gym boxing and muay thai on the southside of Indianapolis, Indiana.

Lone Wolf Taekwondo - Indianapolis IN
5560 Progress Rd # A
Indianapolis IN 46241

(317) 481-9982

Instituto De Taekwondo - Indianapolis IN
3838 Georgetown Rd
Indianapolis IN 46254

(317) 491-3381

-Defensa Personal
-Diciplina y Respeto

Strength Martial Arts Academy - Indianapolis IN
3292 Tara Ln
Indianapolis IN 46224-2231

(317) 992-3070

Martial arts school

Indianapolis Jiu Jitsu Coach - Marcello C. Monteiro BJJ Academy - Indianapolis IN
4967 S Emerson Ave
Indianapolis IN 46203

(317) 538-5593

Indianapolis Jiu Jitsu Coach - Marcello's Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy

Level 10 Martial Arts College Adults - Indianapolis IN
5135 S. Emerson Ave. Suite B.
Indianapolis IN 46237

(317) 782-8000

Personal and character development through traditional martial arts training. Excellent physical fitness, self-defense, and goal-setting for ages 15-adult.

Level 10 Martial Arts College - Indianapolis IN
5135 S Emerson Ave, Ste B
Indianapolis IN 46237

(317) 782-8000

The Indianapolis Martial Arts School getting our community’s kids, men, and women healthy, successful, fit & safe.

Jumonkan Dojo/Virgil's Judo Club - Indianapolis IN
645 S. Franklin Rd
Indianapolis IN 46239

(317) 683-0959


A small USJA and IJI club. Space is limited as we are a small club. Please message for information about open spots and the process if joining.

Choi Martial Arts Academy - Indianapolis IN
6957 Madison Ave
Indianapolis IN 46227

(317) 783-7000

Martial Arts Programs for Adults, Children and Families. After School Program with Free Pickup from School!

The Way Martial Arts - Indianapolis IN
1735 Country Club Rd
Indianapolis IN 46234

(317) 203-9282

Today's Students are Tomorrow's Leaders

Indianapolis Martial Arts Academy - Indianapolis IN
6221 Coffman Rd
Indianapolis IN 46268

(317) 662-4750

Bailey's Family Karate - Indianapolis IN
9423 E. Washington St
Indianapolis IN 46219

(317) 898-4444

Bailey's Family Karate teaches traditional karate, in a family-friendly environment. Stop on by and visit us.

Impact Martial Arts - Indianapolis IN
9509 E Washington St
Indianapolis IN 46229

(317) 359-6000

Martial Arts for Self Defense, Fitness, and Fun

Global Taekwondo Alliance - Indianapolis IN
9509 E Washington St
Indianapolis IN 46229

(317) 359-6000

Broad Ripple Martial Arts Academy - Indianapolis IN
5134 E 65th St
Indianapolis IN 46220-4816

(317) 251-2488

Indianapolis Martial Arts Club - Indianapolis IN
8647 W Washington St
Indianapolis IN 46231

(317) 241-5425

Modern Martial Arts - Old School Values!
More Details on our webpage.

Pyramid Karate - Indianapolis IN
5122 N Franklin Rd
Indianapolis IN 46226

(317) 464-7557

Family Karate Academy USA - Indianapolis IN
8758 Crawfordsville Rd
Indianapolis IN 46234

(317) 297-5272

Oriental Martial Arts College - Indiana - Indianapolis IN
5720 E 71st St
Indianapolis IN 46220

(317) 842-9292

Promoting Divers
Our Vision:
Kids grow up happy & healthy
Young become wise & strong
Old enjoy peace & harmony

Our Misson:
Education, Training, Aplication, and Teaching

Our Goals:
Human Development
Business Development
Sport Development

Indiana Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy - Greenwood IN
1140 N State Road 135 Suite P
Greenwood IN 46142

(317) 946-9447

We are central Indiana's longest running BJJ and MMA Academy! FREE 30 Day Trial! FREE DVD! FREE T-Shirt! FREE Private Lesson

Midwest Martial Arts - Greenwood IN
886 N State Road 135, Ste C
Greenwood IN 46142

(317) 889-9455

Sensokan Dojo Indianapolis Martial Arts & Zen - Indianapolis IN
8436 North Meridian Street
Indianapolis IN 46260

(317) 675-8855

Sensokan Dojo Indianapolis Martial Arts and Zen - Senso-Ryu Aikijujutsu - in Indianapolis Indiana under the direction of Ted Hanulak Sensei

ATA Family Martial Arts Regional Tournament - Carmel IN
7575 Holliday Dr E
Carmel IN 46260

(317) 222-1717

Mr. Adam Hess and Debbie Klemp are proud to host their thrd regional tournament in Indianapolis. Mark your calendars for Saturday October 28, 2017!!