Martial Arts in Oakland CA

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Top martial arts in Oakland CA. Find martial arts training and studios in our Oakland CA directory.

Pitts' Martial Arts Academy - Oakland CA
468 Santa Clara Ave
Oakland CA 94610

(510) 836-4929

Studying at Pitts’ Martial Arts benefits your entire family with:
Increased Self-Confidence
Stress Relief
Sharper Discipline
Rich Cultural Experiences
Outlets for Excess Energy
Improved Concentration
Self Defense Training
Reduced Shyness in Children

Rocha Jiu-Jitsu - Oakland CA
3645 Grand Ave
Oakland CA 94610

(510) 384-1010

We offer Jiu-Jitsu and kickboxing classes for men and women, kids and adults, and welcome all levels of experience.

Intensity Martial Arts - Alameda CA
1209 Lincoln Ave
Alameda CA 94501

(510) 545-3303

Taekwondo - Kickboxing

Tatami Martial Arts & Fitness Academy - Alameda CA
1537 Webster St.
Alameda CA 94501

(510) 497-4348

Tatami Martial Arts & Fitness Academy brings a system to meet all of your needs in BJJ, Judo, self-defense, and fitness.

Aikido Institute - Emeryville CA
5515 Doyle Street
Emeryville CA 94608

(510) 735-9192

Since 1970, a Bay Area center for study of traditional aikido. Classes for children and adults. Have fun while learning self-defense, focus, and balance! Inquire about our New Student and Beginner specials. Stop by and watch a class. Visitors welcome!

Bay Area Jiu-Jitsu Championships - Alameda CA
1502 Park St
Alameda CA 94501

(510) 306-0633

Bay Area Jiu-Jitsu Championships tournaments start in the year of 2009 in Alameda.Since then we have grow!We provide BJJ and NoGi fights to everyone.

Team Silva Martial Arts - Alameda CA
1502 Park St,Alameda Ca 94501
Alameda CA 94501

(510) 263-8700

Change your life today, come train with Team Silva BJJ.All ages and levels are WELCOME-Alameda-Hayward-El Cerrito

Alameda After School Martial Arts - Alameda CA
1502 Park St
Alameda CA 94501

(510) 263-8700

Alameda After School Program offering State of the Art Martial Arts and Life Skills in Alameda,Ca.
Your child will improve in Focus,Confidence,Discipline!

Ralph Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Berkeley - Berkeley CA
1500 Ashby Ave
Berkeley CA 94703

(510) 486-8000

Ralph Gracie Jiu-Jitsu academy located 1500 Ashby Ave, Berkeley, CA 94703. Follow us on Instagram @RalphGracieBerkeley and Tweet us @GracieBerkeley

MMA Bravo Zulu - Oakland CA
3008 MacArthur blvd
Oakland CA 94602

(510) 479-7400

Mixed Martial Arts programs for kids and adults such as Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling and Fitness.

Han Martial Arts - Oakland CA
2220 Mountain Blvd, Ste 130
Oakland CA 94611

(510) 336-0699

Martial arts school located in Oakland, CA

Dek Wat Muay Thai, Martial Arts & Fitness - Oakland CA
1285 A 47th Avenue
Oakland CA 94601

(510) 879-7909

Muay Thai, Boxing, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Fitness, Conditioning, Competitive Training

Aikido Shusekai - Berkeley CA
2525 8th Street, Studio 12
Berkeley CA 94710

(510) 776-4341

Aikido: The Art of Peace.

DJ's Martial Arts & Fitness - Oakland CA
4116 MacArthur Blvd
Oakland CA 94619

(510) 531-0898

DJ's Martial Arts & Fitness 4116 MacArthur Blvd.Oakland, CA 94619 510 531-0898 Grandmaster Doug Jones

Bay Jiujitsu - Berkeley CA
2529 Telegraph
Berkeley CA 94704

(415) 757-0333

University of California Martial Arts Program - Berkeley CA
2301 Bancroft Way, 145 RSF
Berkeley CA 94720

(510) 642-3268

Aikido of Berkeley - Berkeley CA
1514 University Ave
Berkeley CA 94703

(510) 412-9999

Please comment here and visit THANKS!

Frohm's Martial Arts - Oakland CA
5851 macarthur blvd
Oakland CA 94605

(510) 632-8326

Creating Leaders; One student at a time.

Alameda Martial Arts: The Home of LockBoxing - Alameda CA
2189 Harbor Bay Pkwy
Alameda CA 94502

(510) 769-0939

The Home of LockBoxing™

Golden Lion Martial Arts Academy - Albany CA
1031 San Pablo Ave
Albany CA 94706

(510) 527-1606

The Golden Lion Martial Arts School teaches the traditional Chinese arts of Choy Li Fut Kung Fu, a Shaolin system, and Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan. We are a member of the Plum Blossom International Federation.

Hanabi Judo - Albany CA
841 San Pablo Ave
Albany CA 94706

(510) 530-8312

A part of Berkeley and Albany community for over 45 years, Hanabi Judo offers classes for children, women and men of all ages.

TG Taekwondo - Albany CA
813 San Pablo Ave
Albany CA 94706

(510) 525-0055

Performance Fitness and MMA - Albany CA
544 Cleveland Ave
Albany CA 94710

(510) 524-1535

Performance Fitness & MMA
544 Cleveland Avenue
Albany, California 94706

Golden Gate Kokikai Aikido - San Francisco CA
Embarcadero YMCA 169 Steuart Street
San Francisco CA 94103

(415) 957-9622

Kokikai Aikido is a non-violent form of highly effective self-defense suitable for all ages and physical abilities.

Wen Wu School of Martial Arts, Inc. - El Cerrito CA
10124 San Pablo Ave
El Cerrito CA 94530

(510) 524-1057

Our school teaches martial arts, Taiji, qigong, and art. The goal of the school is to promote traditional Chinese culture so that students will attain good health and longevity.

Hwa Rang Kwan Martial Arts Center - San Francisco CA
90 Welsh St
San Francisco CA 94107

(415) 495-2025

"The friendly place to condition your mind, body and soul"

Carley Gracie Jiu-Jitsu - San Francisco CA
90 Welsh St
San Francisco CA 94107

(415) 788-0454

Carley Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy is recognized as the first Gracie/Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy in the USA. It is located in San Francisco near downtown.

El Cerrito Martial Arts - El Cerrito CA
10400 San Pablo Ave
El Cerrito CA 94530

(510) 558-0406

El Cerrito Martial Arts has classes six days a week for Kids, Adults and Teens! As well as an Outstanding Summer Camp and After School Program!

Barrios Martial Arts - San Francisco CA
1756 18th Street
San Francisco CA 94107

(415) 341-0045

We are a Martial Arts school that teaches Hapkido (traditional Korean style), Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, and Kickboxing.

Romulo Melo Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu - San Francisco CA
1313 Mason St
San Francisco CA 94133

(415) 816-9104

Heart of San Francisco Aikido - San Francisco CA
2101 Mariposa St
San Francisco CA 94107-3140

(415) 910-5757

Universal Martial Arts Academy, Inc. - San Francisco CA
727 Leavenworth Street
San Francisco CA 94109

(415) 608-3723

City Aikido - San Francisco CA
784 Geary Street
San Francisco CA 94109

(415) 552-7208


A community inspired by the teachings of Robert Nadeau Shihan and his process of personal development through Aikido

11th Street Dojo; BJJ & Aikido - San Francisco CA
141 11th St
San Francisco CA 94103

(415) 910-8703

Born in 1965 Clovis grew up in Rio. He began training 30+ years ago and holds the rank of 6th degree black belt under the late Master Carlson Gracie.

11th Street Dojo San Francisco - San Francisco CA
141 11th St
San Francisco CA 94103

(415) 777-2833

Suginami Aikikai is San Francisco's Very best martial arts Dojo. Please come visit. 141 11th street (soma). For our schedule go to

San Francisco Aikido Project/ 11th Street Dojo - San Francisco CA
141 11th St
San Francisco CA 94103

(415) 777-2833

You Can now reg. for SFAP 2015 go to

San Francisco Judo Institute - San Francisco CA
141 11th St
San Francisco CA 94103

(415) 661-3436

San Francisco Judo Institute is a non-profit educational organization devoted to teaching Judo to Bay Area residents

Okinawan Karate Clubs of California - San Francisco CA
2095 Harrison Street
San Francisco CA 95834

(415) 993-2095,

We practice Shobayashi Shorin-Ryu, no contracts, beginners always welcomed, come by on Tuesday or Thursday and try a class for free.

Eskabo Daan Filipino Martial Arts - San Francisco CA
1475 Polk St
San Francisco CA 94109

(415) 674-4388

Eskabo Daan is a Filipino Martial Art. Learn weapons & empty hands (Strikes, Locks, Disarms, Grappling & More)

East Bay Judo Institute - El Cerrito CA
11165 San Pablo Ave
El Cerrito CA 94530

(510) 237-0607

Email us at for more information on our classes!

Kei Lun Martial Arts - San Francisco CA
2107 Van Ness Ave, Ste 104
San Francisco CA 94109

(415) 441-2535 Ext 288

10th Planet Jiu Jitsu San Francisco - San Francisco CA
261 S Van Ness Ave
San Francisco CA 94103

(415) 583-9136

Welcome to the Official page for 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu San Francisco. It's administered by Denny Prokopos and his associates. Adult and Kids classes daily.

10Th Planet Spartans Kids Jiu Jitsu - San Francisco CA
261 S Van Ness Ave
San Francisco CA 94103

(415) 583-9136

10Th Planet Jiu Jitsu Spartans is the only No-Gi youth academy in San Francisco. We specialize in Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling and Self-Defense for kids.

Aikido Club - University Aikido - San Francisco CA
1625 Bush St
San Francisco CA 94109

(714) 661-6173

The club was formed during the summer of 2010 and has been running strong ever since. During the start of 2012 we rented our own dojo.

Pallen's Martial Arts, San Leandro - San Leandro CA
1655 E 14th St
San Leandro CA 94577

(510) 483-6560

Our Motto:"It Takes a Village to Raise a Child" Be a part of our village....

Aikido Center San Francisco - San Francisco CA
1755 Laguna St
San Francisco CA 94115

(415) 275-0393

Aikido Center San Francisco is the dojo of Hideki Shiohira, 7th dan shihan.

Aikido of San Leandro - San Leandro CA
1033 MacArthur Blvd
San Leandro CA 94577-3005

(510) 430-2518

Directed by Patricia Hendricks Sensei / 7th Dan Aikido Aikikai and Iwama Ryu Representative for the United States

Quantum Martial Arts - San Francisco - San Francisco CA
2390 Mission St, Ste 305
San Francisco CA 94110

(415) 810-1420

Quantum is a community dojo teaching martial arts as a healing modality to adults and children in the heart of the Mission. All are welcome!

Bay Jiu-Jitsu - San Francisco CA
1628 Post St
San Francisco CA 94115

833-BAY-JITS (833-229-5487)

Accessible and world class training to people of all ages, sizes, genders, and backgrounds in the multiple athletic programs offered.

San Francisco Shotokan Karate Club - San Francisco CA
Buchanan YMCA, 1530 Buchanan St
San Francisco CA 94115

(415) 370-5960

At the San Francisco Shotokan Karate Club we focus on fundamentals and traditional Japanese karate techniques.

Iomasda Karate - San Francisco CA
3572 20th St
San Francisco CA 94110-2443

(415) 824-9369

The IOMASDA studio will help you develop your individual talents fusing age old techniques, with modern self-defense and health understanding. Sensei Reed uses physics and step by step development to clearly demonstrate and teach his unique system.

Ishinryu Karate SF - San Francisco CA
736 14th St
San Francisco CA 94114

(415) 562-4752

Where the art of traditional Japanese karate and sport karate meet

AB Mixed Martial Arts Academy - San Francisco CA
2975 San Bruno Ave
San Francisco CA 94134

(415) 467-6740

AB MMA offers the following classes: Cardio Conditioning (Boot Camp), Capoeira, MMA, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, NOGI Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Pilates and Kids Program.

Cal-West Karate School - Richmond CA
12250 San Pablo Ave
Richmond CA 94805-2453

(510) 231-0255

Brendan Lai's Martial Arts Supply Co - San Francisco CA
3581 Mission St
San Francisco CA 94110

(415) 626-8850

A San Francisco original, specializing in martial arts supplies, Kung Fu weapons & much more.

Zen Budokai Aiki Jujitsu - San Francisco - San Francisco CA
2830 Baker St.
San Francisco CA 94117

(415) 864-4827


Infinite Martial Arts - San Francisco - San Francisco CA
2830 Baker St
San Francisco CA 94123

(415) 746-9270

We teach martial arts and self defense for all ages (3yo - adult) across multiple disciplines including Taekwondo, Brazilian JiuJitsu, Judo and Muay Thai.

San Francisco Shotokan Karate - San Francisco CA
1350 Waller St
San Francisco CA 94117

(619) 857-9156

a non-profit dojo teaching traditional karate in the heart of San Francisco