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U.S. Central Taekwondo at Edward Gaylord YMCA - Oklahoma City OK
1 NW 4th St
Oklahoma City OK 73102

(405) 297-7777

U.S. Central Taekwondo holds classes at the E. L. Gaylord YMCA Mondays and Wednesdays from 7:15-8:15pm.

Firehawk Martial Arts - Oklahoma City OK
3333 N Shartel Ave
Oklahoma City OK 73118

(405) 702-4322

Firehawk Martial Arts is a martial arts program based out of Harding Fine Arts Academy. The program began in 2011. The head instructor is Jennifer Allman.

Eagle Wings Karate - Oklahoma City OK
5000 S. Santa Fe
Oklahoma City OK 73109

(405) 642-2185

USA IFK Western Region Hombu
Home of Vanguard Standup Federation

Hybrid Martial Arts - OKC - Oklahoma City OK
Oklahoma City OK 73118

(405) 823-6703

Chief Instructor - Guro/Sifu B.J. Stone **

Academy of Martial Arts - Oklahoma City OK
7315 S. Shields
Oklahoma City OK 73149

(405) 205-6342

It's not the size of the dog in the fight; it's the size of the fight in the dog! AMA provides a friendly atmosphere for all levels of experience!

Okinawa Karate School - Midwest City OK
224 S Sooner Rd
Midwest City OK 73110

(405) 733-5555

We teach traditional Okinawan Goju-ryu Shorei-kan Karate-do and are certified and licensed under the late Master Seikichi Toguchi's Shorei-kai Federation.

All American Martial Arts, LLC - Del City OK
4731 SE 29th St
Del City OK 73115

(405) 601-0639

2 FREE Lessons:

Lovato's School of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts - Oklahoma City OK
4419 NW 50th
Oklahoma City OK 73112

(405) 466-5255

If you live in Oklahoma and would like to take advantage of our 30 Day Free Trial, please call 405-466-5255 or text OKBJJ to 411247!

The Martial Arts Expo - Oklahoma City OK
629 SW 89th St
Oklahoma City OK 73139

(405) 562-0373

Academy of Martial Arts Hosts THE Martial Arts Expo 2014 Oklahoma City

Jack Hwang's Martial Arts - Oklahoma City OK
1432 SW 89th St
Oklahoma City OK 73159

(405) 692-8676

Institute of Taekwondo and Self-defense

Reeder's Martial Arts Center - Oklahoma City OK
7926 N May Ave
Oklahoma City OK 73120-4541

(405) 848-4851

Grand Master Reeder's Martial Arts Center is located in Oklahoma City and offers classes in Taekwondo, self-defense, Jeet Kune Do, and Jujitsu.

Prodigy Jiujitsu OKC - Oklahoma City OK
4104 N. MacArthur Boulevard
Oklahoma City OK 73122

(405) 317-8593

Prodigy Jiujitsu is a Jiujitsu school run by Tyler Griffin and Wade Smittle. We are an AMA affiliate under Kentrick Coleman

Golden Tiger Martial Arts - Oklahoma City OK
10400 South Western Avenue, #1
Oklahoma City OK 73139

(405) 802-8916

Sonlight Wing Chun Martial Arts - Bethany OK
7463 NW 23rd St
Bethany OK 73008

(405) 314-6727

Cymbrogi School of Western Martial Arts - Moore OK
740 NE 27th st Suite A
Moore OK 73160

(405) 819-8709

School for European Martial Arts in Oklahoma, Swordfighting, Wrestling, Heritage, Weapons, WMA, HEMA

American Karate School of Oklahoma City  (AKS) - Bethany OK
7615 NW 23rd St
Bethany OK 73008

(405) 519-1079

Contact us at 405-519-1079

Century Martial Arts - Midwest City OK
1000 Century Blvd
Midwest City OK 73110

(800) 626-2787

World Leader in Martial Arts.

Martial Arts Success Magazine - Oklahoma City OK
1000 Century Blvd
Oklahoma City OK 73110

(866) 626-6226

Official Publication of the Martial Arts Industry Association (MAIA).

Stay in touch with MAIA at

Garrett Martial Art's - Oklahoma City OK
418 S Eagle Ln
Oklahoma City OK 73128

(405) 613-9695

Martial Arts & Fitness

Trinity Martial Arts - Spencer OK
3802 Spencer Rd
Spencer OK 73084

(405) 771-3454

Taking Our Youth back, One by One!!!

Korean Martial Arts Association USA Branch - Moore OK
824 NW 12th st
Moore OK 73160

(405) 735-6061

Grandmaster Won's Taekwondo - Oklahoma City OK
10801 S Sunnylane Rd
Oklahoma City OK 73160

(405) 793-0752

We are on hand to help answer your questions, schedule your visit to our center, or provide you with an understanding of how martial arts can benefit you.

Grandmaster Won's Taekwondo - Oklahoma City OK
10801 S Sunnylane Road
Oklahoma City OK 73160

(405) 793-0752

Lee's Taekwondo - Bethany OK
8284 NW 39th Expy
Bethany OK 73008

(405) 787-2464

Lee's US Taekwondo Academy.

Evolution Martial Arts Okc - Oklahoma City OK
3333 West Hefner Road
Oklahoma City OK 73120

(405) 973-8249

We are a school dedicated to improving lives through martial arts by strengthening our student's minds, bodies, and spirits. Ask about our free trial week!

Academy Martial Arts - Oklahoma City OK
6444 NW Expressway #245-E
Oklahoma City OK 73132

(405) 326-8761

Academy Martial Arts was founded in September 2000 by Master Scott Wilson, with the principal focus being traditional Kukkiwon & Han Moo Kwan Taekwondo. We also teach traditional Japanese Hakko Ryu Jujitsu & Toshu Kakuto Jujitsu.

Phoenix Martial Arts - Moore OK
623 N Broadway St
Moore OK 73160

(405) 771-6571

Phoenix Martial Arts is a Tae Kwon Do school based on principals that have been around for over 2,000 years. Loyalty, Duty, Trustworthiness, and Respect.

National Martial Arts - Oklahoma City OK
11829 S Portland Ave
Oklahoma City OK 73170

(405) 692-7300

National Martial Arts is an Oklahoma-based Martial Arts organization dedicated to the betterment of our community as a whole.

National Karate & Tae Kwon DO - Oklahoma City OK
6903 NW Expressway
Oklahoma City OK 73132

(405) 720-6000

Voted the best martial arts training facility in the state of Oklahoma for 2015, we specialize in class for children and beginners!

National Karate - Oklahoma City OK
6903 NW Expressway
Oklahoma City OK 73132

(405) 720-6000

A great place for the whole family to learn martial arts. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, learning effective self defense strategies, and focusing on each individuals unique goals and needs are our highest priorities.

Cheatwood's Family Martial Arts - Moore OK
904 SW 4th St
Moore OK 73160

(405) 794-5269

Lionheart Karate OKC - Oklahoma City OK
304 SW 134th Street
Oklahoma City OK 73170

(405) 570-7521

Lionheart Karate In Southwest Oklahoma City