Martial Arts in Philadelphia PA

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Aikido Philadelphia - Philadelphia PA
2100 Chestnut St
Philadelphia PA 19103

(215) 563-2200

Old City Aikido - Philadelphia PA
722 Market Street 3rd Floor
Philadelphia PA 19106

(215) 922-3656

Martial Posture - Philadelphia PA
2210 Walnut Street
Philadelphia PA 19103

(215) 925-8070

Martial Arts School

Fight Firm Elite MMA and Boxing Training Facility - Philadelphia PA
461 N. 9th St
Philadelphia PA 19123

(267) 386-6457

We are the largest Philadelphia MMA Gym. We specialize in MMA,Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, boxing, cardio / fitness kickboxing class.

Devon Williams Personal Training - Fight-Firm MMA - Philadelphia PA
461 N. 9th St.
Philadelphia PA

(215) 776-1898


Commando Krav Maga and Diamond Mixed Martial Arts - Philadelphia PA
1714 Washington Ave
Philadelphia PA 19146

(267) 592-9477

Philadelphia and Atlantic City's Mixed Martial Art Academy providing Muay Thai, Gracie BJJ, and Krav Maga in Northfield, NJ and Philadelphia, PA

Diamond Mixed Martial Arts and Commando Krav Maga - Philadelphia PA
1714 Washington Ave
Philadelphia PA 19146

(267) 592-9477

Diamond's Mixed Martial Arts is an excellent Krav Maga, Mixed Martial Arts and Muay Thai Kickboxing school. Learn in our classes that accomodate all schedules.

Osagame Martial Arts and Fitness - Philadelphia PA
1168 S Broad St
Philadelphia PA 19146

(267) 357-1262

Philadelphia Judo Club Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 267 357-1262

Aikido of Greater Philadelphia - Philadelphia PA
Philadelphia PA 19123

(267) 571-6550

Aikido of Greater Philadelphia is a community dojo that is committed to promoting the martial art of aikido.

Urban Defense Martial Arts and Fitness - Philadelphia PA
at Push Universal, 930 N. 8th St.
Philadelphia PA 19123

(267) 974-0287

Philadelphia’s #1 spot for Martial Arts, Fitness, and Personal Protection!

Philadelphia Kung Fu & Vietnamese Martial Arts/Seven Mountains Kung Fu - Philadelphia PA
990 N. Marshall St.
Philadelphia PA 19123

215-625-3795/ 215-564-1714/ Cell: 215-219-0306

Chinese Kung Fu, Martial Art, Chi Kung ( Qi Gong ), Self-defense, Meditation,Weapon Training.

Daddis Mixed Martial Arts and Fitness Academy - Philadelphia PA
1717 S. 25th St.
Philadelphia PA 19145

(215) 467-1008

Since 2000, Daddis Fight Camps has been providing elite instruction in BJJ, Muay Thai and MMA. Join the fun and fitness!

AmeriKick Martial Arts - South Philly - Philadelphia PA
1617 Snyder Ave
Philadelphia PA 19145

(215) 462-2467

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Philadelphia Martial Arts & Kickboxing - Philadelphia PA
262 E Girard Ave
Philadelphia PA 19125

(267) 304-8388

At Philadelphia Martial Arts & Kickboxing we teach a Tae Kwon Do based system that incorporates aspects of Hapkido, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and Kickboxing.

Philadelphia Shotokan Karate Club - Philadelphia PA
222 S 45th St
Philadelphia PA 19104

(215) 222-9382

A traditional Japanese Shotokan Dojo

Established 1964

Anger Management MMA - Philadelphia PA
2207 N American St
Philadelphia PA 19133

(267) 886-9413

This is Anger Mgmt MMA. The business of MMA is here. The MMA management agency for professional fighters headed up by a professional fighter. Our squad of fighters is as tough as they come. They fight to live and live to fight. Check out who we are...

Philadelphia JiuJitsu - Philadelphia PA
1760 Barbara street
Philadelphia PA 19145

(215) 587-0007

"Philadelphia JiuJitsu" Philadelphia's Oldest Mixed Martial Arts School.

Martial Arts Hero Factory - Philadelphia PA
1532 Packer Ave
Philadelphia PA 19145

(215) 551-6252

Martial Arts Hero Factory
We Have classes for ages 2 & up
Krav Maga
Birthday Parties
Summer & Winter Camps

Muñiz Shiroi-Shishi-Ryu Karate Dojo - Philadelphia PA
400-64 E Ontario St
Philadelphia PA 19134

(267) 760-1800

The style Muñiz Shiroi-Shishi-Ryu was created by Soke Angel L. Muñiz

Muhammad's Martial Arts Academy - Philadelphia PA
4517 Wayne Ave
Philadelphia PA 19144-3606

(215) 849-2325