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Top martial arts in Raleigh NC. Find martial arts training and studios in our Raleigh NC directory.

Raleigh Ki Aikido - Raleigh NC
Temple Baptist Church, 1417 Cliffton Street
Raleigh NC 27604


Mind and body development through the Japanese martial art of Aikido (Shinshin Toitsu Aikido)

Bushiken Karate, Saint-Cyr Dojo - Raleigh NC
916 Rock Quarry Rd, Ste 109
Raleigh NC 27610

(919) 526-0503

Traditional Japanese karate for the entire family based off of the teachings of Soshu Shigeru Oyama.

Raleigh Institute of Martial Arts - Raleigh NC
601-100 E Six Forks Rd
Raleigh NC 27609

(919) 828-4447

Welcome to RIMA! The Raleigh Institute of Martial Arts is North Carolina's Premier Martial Arts and Fitness Kickboxing Training Center Since 1994.

US Black Belt Academy Raleigh / I H Park Martial Arts - Raleigh NC
3512 Wade Ave
Raleigh NC 27607

(919) 439-7577

Tae Kwon Do, Dahn Koon Do, DK-Sword, Karate, Martial Arts, After School Program, Summer Camp, Self-Defense, Track out, Birthday Party, Movie Night, Instructor Camp, Private Lesson, etc.

TW Smith Martial Arts Center - Raleigh NC
3824 Barrett Dr
Raleigh NC 27609

(919) 792-8089

Explore your Martial Arts Journey with us in Raleigh. Chinese Martial Arts, Karate, Escrima, also Yoga, Tai Chi, QiGong and Meditation.

Elite Fire Taekwondo - Raleigh NC
5619-C Hillsborough Street
Raleigh NC 27606

(919) 271-6866

We teach Taekwondo to all ages. We specialize in competitive Sparring and Forms.
We follow the World Taekwondo Federation rules.

Flying Tiger Martial Arts - Garner NC
1350 5th Ave, Ste 200
Garner NC 27529

(919) 772-0202


Kim's White Tiger Taekwondo in Raleigh - Raleigh NC
1030 N Rogers Ln, Ste 107
Raleigh NC 27610

(919) 449-0081

Kim's White Tiger in Raleigh offers Taekwondo for ages 3 and up. Summer Camp/Trackout Camp
AfterSchool. Located at 1030 N Rogers Ln. #107 Raleigh NC 27610

Karate International of Raleigh - Raleigh NC
4720 Hargrove Rd Ste 140
Raleigh NC 27616

(919) 876-8898

Karate International of Raleigh serves Northeast Raleigh and Inside the beltline. Other KI locations are West Raleigh/Leesville and Apex/Cary

Karate International of North Carolina - Raleigh NC
Corporate Headquarters -4720 Hargrove Rd
Raleigh NC 27616

(919) 876-8898

Learn more about age specific martial arts classes in any of our 3 locations in Wake County. North Raleigh, West Raleigh, Apex/Cary..

Cary Judo - Cary NC
250 Nottingham Dr
Cary NC 27511

(919) 380-1082

Cary Judo Club is a USJA sanctioned club (NC-4426) in Cary NC. Operating out of Karate International of Cary.

United Martial Arts Academy - Cary NC
250 Nottingham Drive
Cary NC 27511

(919) 380-1082

United Martial Arts Academy is a full time martial arts school with classes in Karate, Judo, Iaijutsu, and Jujutsu for students of all ages. 919.380.1082

Karate International of Cary - Cary NC
250 Nottingham Dr
Cary NC 27511-4915

(919) 380-1082

Family Atmosphere,
Character Development,
Confidence & Leadership Skills,
Self Defense,

Bushido Karate Shotokan USA - Raleigh NC
5800 McHines Pl, Ste 114
Raleigh NC 27616

(919) 332-4966

Home of Bushido Karate Shotokan USA - eudo Judo USA and IOSTK east cost. We keep you update with news and videos about martial arts and our Dojo. Follow us

Master Chang's Martial Arts North Ridge - Raleigh NC
6124 Falls Of Neuse Road
Raleigh NC 27609

(919) 845-1112

Martial arts school in the North Ridge Shopping Center in Raleigh. We specialize in martial arts classes, character development, physical fitness, and bullying prevention. Classes available for ages 3 and up.

Championship Martial Arts - Cary - Cary NC
8111 Tryon Woods Dr Ste 201
Cary NC 27518

(919) 233-4454

Welcome to Championship Martial Arts!

Raleigh Martial Arts Academy - Raleigh NC
Private Location
Raleigh NC 27612

(919) 274-5301

We are the first and ONLY Academy in the state of North Carolina certified to teach Jeet Kune Do, Kali/Escrima, Pencak Silat, Muay Thai, and Yang Taiji.

Vision Martial Arts - Raleigh - Raleigh NC
5910 Duraleigh Rd, Ste 117
Raleigh NC 27612

(919) 881-7786

Raleigh's Black Belt Leadership Academy.

Fighting Tiger Family Karate - Raleigh NC
6701 Glenwood Ave
Raleigh NC 27612

(919) 787-2250

The only dojo in North Carolina licensed by The World Matsubayashi-Ryu Karate-Do Association in Okinawa.

World Oyama Karate Raleigh - Raleigh NC
7400 Six Forks Rd, Ste 3
Raleigh NC 27615

(919) 917-3116

Full Contact Karate

Allen's Taekwondo - Cary NC
683 Cary Towne Blvd Ste E
Cary NC 27511

(919) 467-5425

Be a fan to get Updates and Photos!

Raleigh Shaolin Martial Arts - Raleigh NC
241 Horizon Dr
Raleigh NC 27615

(919) 880-9138

Bringing Ancient Traditions to Life...

Mo's Shotokan Karate - Cary NC
590 E Chatham St, Ste 108
Cary NC 27511

(919) 265-3222

We specialize in traditional Japanese karate. We are a USANKF affiliated school. We have a world-class instructor Sensei Mohsen Mahmoud. Stop by the dojo!

Geoff Balme Brazilian Jiu-jitsu - Raleigh NC
7340 Creedmoor Rd,
Raleigh NC 27502

(919) 280-1345

Dr. Geoff Balme PhD is a second degree black belt under Roberto Maia. Geoff, along with student friends and premier martial arts contemporaries, is extending his martial arts instruction to you through terrific facilities in North Raleigh and Apex, NC.

Ladd Family Martial Arts - Raleigh NC
7340 Creedmoor Rd
Raleigh NC 27613

(919) 606-3081

Seibukan Aikido of Raleigh, NC - Raleigh NC
Health Trax, 8300 Health Park
Raleigh NC 27615

(919) 673-3473

Aikido Dojo led by Tajiri Sensei, 6th dan Shihandai. Classes are held at Healthtrax on Forum Dr. in North Raleigh.

Triumph TaeKwonDo Martial Arts - Cary NC
312 West Chatham St #202
Cary NC 27511

(919) 650-3375

126 West Chatham st Cary NC 27511
Phone (919) 650 3375

"Let's live a triumphant life in martial arts"

Peck's TaeKwonDo America - Raleigh NC
8001-109 Creedmoor Rd
Raleigh NC 27613

(919) 846-6578

Peck's Taekwondo America offers Taekwondo classes for age 4 through adult. We also offer fitness kickboxing and Yoga classes for adults.

Trinity Martial Arts - Raleigh NC
950 Steeple Square Ct, Knightdale, NC 2745
Raleigh NC 27545

(919) 446-5655

Learn confidence, discipline, and self defense all while making positive relationships that will last a lifetime.

Supreme Martial Arts & Fitness (World Karate-Do) - Knightdale NC
1207 N Smithfield Rd
Knightdale NC 27545

(919) 266-1290

We give our Life's Energy to Transforming the Lives of Others for the Better through Martial Arts and by Teaching the Eloquence of The Art of Living.

Master Chang's Martial Arts - Raleigh NC
9600 Strickland Rd
Raleigh NC 27615

(919) 232-9494

2017 Summer Camp registration is now open! Contact us today to reserve your spots and save up to 20% off camp weeks!

Master Chang's Martial Arts Cary - Cary NC
2016 Kildaire Farm Rd
Cary NC 27518

(919) 858-0333

Judo at Forged Fitness - Cary NC
1781 NW Maynard Rd
Cary NC 27513

(919) 460-2010

Competitive judo instruction
Challenging safe workouts

Amerson's Taekwondo and Fitness - Raleigh NC
10940 Raven Ridge Rd, Suite 120
Raleigh NC 27614

(919) 307-5425

Taekwondo, Arnis, and self-defense skills for all ages. Get in shape and learn traditional martial arts from a master with over twenty-five years experience.

Karate International of West Raleigh - Raleigh NC
9101 Leesville Rd
Raleigh NC 27613

(919) 926-1653

Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Cary - Cary NC
2978 Kildaire Farm Road
Cary NC 27518

(919) 378-1981

Certified Training Center for Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. Home to Gracie Combatives, and Gracie Bullyproof

Triangle's Best Karate - Raleigh NC
9113 Leesville Rd Suites 104-106
Raleigh NC 27613

(919) 844-5555

Best kept Japanese karate secret and personal and group fitness for all levels and ages,

White Tiger Taekwondo & Martial Arts - Cary NC
1605 NW Maynard Rd
Cary NC 27513

(919) 469-3553

FAMILY FITNESS FACILITY. Teaching students of all ages from beginner level to advanced black belts. Official Kukkiwon Test site. All Army Training Facility

Ninjutsu Defense Arts Center  Martial Arts Cary,NC - Cary NC
1243 NW Maynard Rd CARY NC, 27513
Cary NC 27513

(919) 380-7047 Traditional Japanese Martial Arts Cary, NC- Ninpo Martial arts is more commonly known as ninjutsu, arts of the ninja. Ninpo is a traditional, non-competitive Japanese Martial Art whose history stretches back over many centuries.

FIT Martial Arts and Physical Fitness,LLC - Cary NC
1001 Sheldon Dr. #100
Cary NC 27513

(919) 500-2507

FIT Martial Arts and Physical Fitness, LLC provides services to improve fitness and the ability to master Martial Arts skills.