Martial Arts in Tulsa OK

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Top martial arts in Tulsa OK. Find martial arts training and studios in our Tulsa OK directory.

Three Points Karate - Midtown Tulsa - Tulsa OK
3123 S Harvard Ave
Tulsa OK 74135

(918) 747-5425

Three Points Karate Midtown is Tulsa's Premier Martial Arts School. Help your child fulfill their potential!

Tulsa After School Karate - Tulsa OK
3123 S Harvard Ave
Tulsa OK 74135

(918) 747-5425

Tulsa's favorite After School Martial Arts Program, ASCENT©, picks your kids up directly from their elementary school so they can learn and grow together

Midtown Martial Arts - Tulsa OK
3324 East 31st Street, Unit P
Tulsa OK 74135

(918) 986-0168

A locally owned Taekwondo school in the heart of midtown committed to instilling confidence in students of all ages.

Southside Judo Club - Tulsa OK
1138 S Yale Ave
Tulsa OK 74112

(918) 808-7969

The Only costs to joining is a yearly $50 fee that is required to join the United States Judo Association, and a yearly $50 fee to the Will Rogers Church

Maxx Martial Arts - Tulsa OK
1530 N Vandalia Pl
Tulsa OK 74115

(918) 814-1106

Maxx Martial Arts
1530 N. Vandalia Pl., Tulsa, OK 74115
(918) 814-1106

Primate Jiu Jitsu - Tulsa OK
5557 E 41st St
Tulsa OK 74135

(918) 896-5027

Brazlilian Jiu Jitsu Academy located in Midtown Tulsa, OK. We offer classes in Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai and Judo. Family and beginner friendly! Try a FREE class or try 2 weeks for only $20

Hizoku kenpo Karate Academy - Tulsa OK
5115 E 47th Pl, Apt 30
Tulsa OK 74135

(918) 813-7029

Five Circles Martial Arts - Tulsa OK
5202 S Hudson Avenue
Tulsa OK 74135

(918) 510-0006

Five Circles Martial Arts

Tulsa Judo and Jiu Jitsu - Tulsa OK
4343 S Memorial Dr
Tulsa OK 74145

(918) 481-0102

Tulsa Judo practices mutual benefit and welfare.

Core Aikido - Tulsa OK
4343 South Memorial, Suite A
Tulsa OK 74145

(918) 230-6751

Wolfe Pack Taekwondo - Tulsa OK
5085 S 76th East Ave
Tulsa OK 74145

918-574-4614 or 918-402-1662

Instruction in Martial Arts, Fitness, and Violence Prevention

ATA Taekwondo Of Tulsa Inc. - Tulsa OK
9090 E 31st St
Tulsa OK 74145

(918) 936-0431

We are an ATA school located in Tulsa, OK in the Briar Villiage Shopping Center at 31st & Mingo.

G3 Martial Arts - Tulsa OK
5084 S 79th EAve
Tulsa OK 74145

(918) 638-4555

At G3 Martial Arts, our goal is simple. To provide our students and their families with the very best martial arts instruction around.

Martial Arts Tulsa - Tulsa Martial Arts - Tulsa OK
8301 E 51st St, Ste 227
Tulsa OK 74145

(918) 730-1015 Visit our website today and learn more about our amazing Martial Arts classes in Tulsa. Also check our exclusive Smart Start Web Special promo available to you!

Oklahoma Martial Arts America - Sand Springs OK
3505 S 113th West Ave
Sand Springs OK 74063

(918) 633-2504

Martial Arts training for ages 3 and up. Teaching Martial Arts and Self-Defense in Sand Springs since 1991.

Apollo's Martial Arts - Tulsa OK
9522 E 51st St
Tulsa OK 74145

(918) 627-7070

Apollo's Martial Arts has a variety of programs for both children and adults starting at age 3.
Please call for a free introductory class 918-627-7070

Christian Karate Academy Jenks - Jenks OK
106 E Main St
Jenks OK 74037

(918) 625-6895

A new way for training in Martial Arts by following Christ’s example and His teaching.

Jenks Martial Arts Academy - Jenks OK
708 W Main St
Jenks OK 74037

(918) 291-5425

Family Training Center

Martial ZEN Broken Arrow - Broken Arrow OK
6122 S Garnett Rd
Broken Arrow OK 74012

(918) 829-9145

Martial ZEN is a Family Based martial arts academy that is a Safe & Nurturing Environment located in Broken Arrow, OK.