Max Pilates - Raleigh NC

Pre-pilates or Pre- fitness studio. Everything you do stems from your posture.
Learn your body. eliminate muscular and joint dysfunction.

Max Pilates - Raleigh NC


444 S. Blount Street Ste 110, Raleigh, North Carolina 27601


(919) 618-0580


Max Pilates specializes in looking at a person's unique body-type as a whole and assessing each individual's postural faults and dysfunctional movement patterns. We use several different techniques ranging from soft tissue manipulations, joint mobilizations, neuromuscular re-patterning exercises, oppositional stretching, stability exercises, and strength training to correct poor posture. During you session, time will be used “undoing” the stuck and restricted areas, and strengthening the antagonistic areas. Max Pilates will also re-educate clients on the basic functional movements of life - sitting, standing and walking. This is what you spend the most time doing, so its imperative that you are doing it correctly!

Max Pilates will help you achieve better alignment whether in a static or dynamic posture, which ultimately will alleviate pain and prevent future injuries. The human body is designed to MOVE-PAIN FREE.

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