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Looking for top personal trainers in Fresno CA? Find personal training and excellent personal training studios in Fresno CA.

701 United: Fitness, Faith, & MMA - Fresno CA
1401 Divisadero St
Fresno CA 93721

(559) 492-6319

"701 United is Committed to the development of fitness, faith, and leadership in the community."

Bullpen Boxing - Fresno CA
1635 E St
Fresno CA 93706

(559) 212-1418

Inside the Bullpen, dedicated trainers help you reach your potential. Fitness, fight prep, fulfillment, you'll find all of that as part of our team.

ThriveFit Wellness - Fresno CA

Fresno CA

(559) 908-8317

Coming Summer 2018 to Northwest Fresno, CA. Currently mobile & online. Applying mindfulness practices to our daily lives through movement, nutrition, and meditation.
Putting MINDSET first.

Healthy, Happy, Balanced, Sustainable Lifestyle. #Longevity

Breakaway On The Go/ online personal training - Fresno CA

Fresno CA

(559) 374-5560

Breakaway On The Go allows clients out of the Central Cali area to connect with us on a personal level and get Remote High quality training with 1 click

EvoFiit Fresno - Centerpoint - Fresno CA
3003 North Maroa Avenue
Fresno CA 93704

(559) 225-3250

EvoFIIT Group Personal Training combines cardio with resistance training in an energizing environment to get results fast!

Willis Kenpo Kung-Fu - Fresno CA
1788 N. Helm Ave Ste 104
Fresno CA 93727

(559) 252-8924

MetalMark Climbing & Fitness - Fresno CA
4042 N Cedar Ave
Fresno CA 93726

(559) 229-7900

We are a fully featured climbing and fitness gym with top rope and lead climbing, bouldering, yoga, indoor cycling, run club, and more! Part of the Touchstone Climbing family.

Evofiit Fresno - Blackstone - Fresno CA
4774 N Blackstone Ave
Fresno CA 93726

(559) 226-2600

Welcome to EvoFIIT, Group Personal Training that gets RESULTS fast!

Pacific Martial Arts - Fresno CA
4774 N Blackstone Ave
Fresno CA 93726

(559) 436-4641

Whether you're coming for self-defense or to instill values in your children, you won't find a school as dedicated to teaching well as Pacific Martial Arts

Live Wire MMA - Fresno CA
3980 N Chestnut Ave
Fresno CA 93726

(805) 431-7376

Privates and semi-privates lessons

Fitness Ready - Fresno CA
377 W Shaw Ave
Fresno CA 93704

(559) 999-0578

Personal Training - weight loss/strength and conditioning programs.
Flatten your stomach without sit ups.
Best rates in town!!

In7 Fitness - Fresno CA
4904 N Cedar Ave
Fresno CA 93726

(559) 797-6036

In7 Fitness consist of tough, hardcore, cardio kickboxing, workouts that are designed to push you physically and mentally, to reach you weight loss goals.

Pro-Cor Sports and Fitness - Fresno CA
5150 N 6th St, Ste 107
Fresno CA 93710

(559) 438-4052

Personal Training/Speed Training

Iron Bird Fitness - Fresno CA
5435 N 10th St
Fresno CA 93721

(559) 360-4249

FitLife Fresno - Fresno CA

Fresno CA 93710

(559) 301-9463

You are important to everyone around you. You need to be healthy and confident. Let FitLife Fresno help you become the person you are supposed to be.

Alliance Personal Training - Fresno CA
5677 N. Fresno St. Ste. 103
Fresno CA 93710

(559) 632-5404

A high energy, motivational, private 1-on-1 personal training studio.

Step2Dance - Fresno CA
5721 N 1st St
Fresno CA 93710

(559) 999-2875

Step2Dance dance studios offer personalized dance instruction. Our goal is to provide our students with professional training in different dance styles.

Gb3-Sunnyside - Fresno CA
6149 E Kings Canyon Rd
Fresno CA 93727

(559) 252-6100

This club is loaded with brand new equipment and spacious aerobics facilities.

Beyond Fitness Personal Training - Fresno CA
4368 N. Brawley Ave.
Fresno CA 93710

(818) 284-9843

Specializing in:
One-on-One Training
Traveling Training
Online Training
Nutrition Planning

Curves - Fresno CA
2053 W Bullard Ave
Fresno CA 93711

(559) 447-5058

Curves is a facility specially designed for women featuring a complete 30 minute workout that is fun, fast, and safe!

Iron Forged Fitness - Fresno CA
4718 N Bendel Ave, # 102
Fresno CA 93722

(559) 271-4737

* Strength & Conditioning * Cross-Training * Boot Camps * Youth Strength & Speed Training * Personal Training

Fresno Fit - Fresno CA
3093 W Bullard Ave
Fresno CA 93711

(559) 721-7001

The Fresno Fit Mission is to help at least 1000 Fresno Residents reach their fat loss goals by the year 2020.

One On One Fitness and Pilates Training - Fresno CA
90 E Magill Ave, Ste 110
Fresno CA 93710

(559) 435-3488

Fresno's premiere place for personal training. Over 6000sq ft of equipment, making it the perfect spot to have a great workout session with your own personal trainer.

ThinkStrong - Fresno CA
90 E Magill Ave #110
Fresno CA 93710

(559) 906-0367

A unique approach to strength training in combination with recovery and restoration techniques. Enjoy personalized, one-on-one service at a private studio.

Fitness Evolution: Herndon - Fresno CA
6735 North First St
Fresno CA 93710

(559) 500-1344

Synergy Boot Camp - Fresno CA
1021 E Herndon Ave
Fresno CA 93720

(559) 435-0332

Synergy Boot Camp offers high intensity 30 min interval training Sessions in Fresno Ca. Check out our website for all details

Trainer Aaron - Synergy Personal Training - Fresno CA
1021 E Herndon Ave
Fresno CA 93720

(559) 940-0219

Aaron is a specialist in the Health & Nutrition field. He received his B.S. in Exercise Science from CSU Fresno, & is available for Personal Training or Nutritional Counseling at Synergy Personal Training in Fresno. Call now for your free consultation.

Shapemakers - Fresno CA
1021 E Herndon Ave
Fresno CA 93720

(559) 435-0332

Fitness and Wellness Center for Women

DXZAthletics & Fitness - Fresno CA
1021 E Herndon Ave
Fresno CA 93720

(559) 203-8549

DXZAthletics & Fitness focuses on helping individuals reach their health, fitness and athletic goals.

Fitness & Motivation - Fresno CA
1021 E Herndon Ave
Fresno CA 93720

Sherwin DesPortes: (760) 889 9728; Amanda Pimentel: (209) 765 9679

Personal Fitness Training based on Exercise Science leading you to achieve the fitness goals you have always wanted.

Christopher Henderson - Fresno CA
1021 E. Herndon ave
Fresno CA 93711

(310) 743-3263

I've been a Lead trainer since 2011 and I place a strong focus on 100% nutrition and 100% exercise. You're either committed or your not

Matt Brown, Personal Training - Clovis CA
1012 San Jose Ave, Ste 101
Clovis CA 93612

(559) 273-3905

NASM, ISSA, Kickboxing, Nutrition and Bootcamp

Golden Dragon Jeet Kune Do Academy - Clovis CA
340 Clovis Avenue
Clovis CA 93612

(559) 250-2643

Golden Dragon Jeet Kune Do™ – is a reality-based self-defense and combat system created in 1977, in United States of America by GM Sebastian Nazario.

True Grit, LLC - Fresno CA
990 W Alluvial Ave #103
Fresno CA 93711-5527

(559) 478-4472

A private training studio unlike any other in the Central Valley. With equipment not found anywhere else and the knowledge of someone who has beat obesity.

Personal Training & BootCamp w/ John Arenas - Fresno CA
7825 N Palm Ave
Fresno CA 93711

(559) 907-6995

Personal Training Fitness & Nutrition Programs:
1 on 1 Personal Training, Small Group Training
Sports & Conditioning
Nutrition Counseling

Freedom FIT Personal Training - Fresno CA
7825 N. Palm Ave
Fresno CA 93711

(559) 260-6395

Inquiries email
*Individual & group personal training @ all GB3 Sports Clubs
*Online Training & Diet Plans

Urban Block Fitness - Clovis - Clovis CA
2141 Shaw Ave
Clovis CA 93611

(559) 575-8450

Urban Block Fitness specializes in group instruction of strength training, cardio, fitness kickboxing, nutrition and more!

Warrior Fitness Fresno - Fresno CA
8039 N Cedar Ave
Fresno CA 93720

(559) 242-2570

Warrior Fitness is the ultimate group training you will ever experience.

Whole Body Boot Camp - Clovis CA
1420 Menlo Ave Ste A
Clovis CA 93611

(559) 978-6163

A perfect fit for you. Whole Body Boot Camp is a health and fitness boot camp that will help you to lose weight and get into the best health of your life.

Free the Mind Fitness & Nutrition - Clovis CA
1433 Menlo Ave Suite 103
Clovis CA 93611

(559) 799-5462

Free the Mind is creating an open and safe space for all to achieve their health and fitness goals.

Playground Training Academy - Clovis CA
1433 Menlo Ave
Clovis CA 93611

(559) 5593221907

PTA offers bootcamps, fit camps, personal training, HIIT, obstacle course training, Ninja/Parkour training, supportive group, nutritional planning +more

1433 Menlo Ave, Ste 104
Clovis CA 93611

Lamar @ 559-312-7240, MJ @ 559-977-5485 or Greg @ 559-392-5334

...coming soon..!!!

WHEN IN DOUBT, WORKOUT! In need of a trainer who will customize your workouts, do your diet and be there to help you turn fitness into your lifestyle.. then look no further! At ELITE TRAINING we do it all..

FIT36 - Fresno CA
2940 E Nees Ave, Suite 101
Fresno CA 93720

(559) 899-3166

High Intensity Interval Training studio that provides a safe and effective, total body workout - in just 36 minutes! Train for an active lifestyle.

High 5's - Fresno CA

Fresno CA 93720

(559) 776-1649

David Nichols is a Certified Personal and Group Fitness Trainer. His formal education includes a Masters of Science in Sports and Kinesiology Management and a Graduate Level Certification in Athletic Administration from Southern New Hampshire University.

Global Fitness - Fresno CA
1170 E. Champlain Dr.
Fresno CA 93720

(559) 348-3937

ISSA Certfied
Kinesiology Major
Elite Spartan Racer
Training since 2013
Personal Training programs, proper form, nutritional guidance.

Fleet Feet Sports Fresno - Fresno CA
9447 N Fort Washington Rd, Ste 106
Fresno CA 93730

(559) 433-6750

The Fleet Feet Sports FITLOSOPHY™ is our commitment to the concept of a proper FIT in all aspects of our lives.

Jack Scow Fitness - Fresno CA
9471 N Fort Washington Rd
Fresno CA 93730

(559) 905-0933

My name is Jack Scow and I have been a Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Lifestyle Coach in Fresno and Clovis California for over 30 years.