The SET Personal Training Studio - Brentwood TN

A trendsetting, private personal training studio. Brentwood | Franklin | Nashville TN.

The SET Personal Training Studio - Brentwood TN


5105 Maryland Way, # 101, Brentwood, Tennessee 37027


(615) 953-4713


At our private fitness studio, you will learn technique, form and style in an environment that makes this all possible.

Our goal is to inspire clients to challenge themselves physically and mentally. The experience always begins and ends with you. The result is a fresh, intelligent workout, that involves complete form and function and is precisely tailored to each client's individual fitness level and goals.

Whether you are an athlete, seasonal exerciser, or never set foot in a gym, theSET will partner with you to achieve long-term, life changing results.

Step into our studio and experience love at first sight.

Welcome to theSET.

Brentwood | Franklin | Nashville TN

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