Spiral Spine Pilates - Brentwood TN

Spiral Spine Pilates is a studio offering Pilates classes and also offers online resources designed to educate and assist the scoliosis community.

Spiral Spine Pilates - Brentwood TN


7020 Church St E #7 & 8, Brentwood, Tennessee 37027


(615) 891-7118


Fitness professional Erin Myers is a certified Pilates instructor, former Radio City Rockette and a passionate advocate for living a full, pain-free life with scoliosis. Diagnosed with scoliosis as a teenager, Erin has devoted her career to studying scoliosis and working with others to help them best manage their own beautiful scoliotic backs. She founded Spiral Spine, the go-to scoliosis resource providing inspiration and information on ways to thrive emotionally and physically with scoliosis.

Spiral Spine’s offerings include videos for body practitioners, workouts for at-home users, a website with scoliosis news, information on exciting workshops, conferences, books and more – all for the growing scoliosis community. For more information, visit www.spiralspine.com.

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