Try a Fit Life - Jacksonville FL

Try a Fit Life is a mobile boot camp that travels to your home or apartment!

*One-on-One Training
*Run Coaching
*Saturday Boot Camp
*8 Week Challenge

Strength & Conditioning is the core to a healthy lifestyle!

Try a Fit Life - Jacksonville FL


8400 San Ardo Dr, Jacksonville, Florida 32217


(904) 891-4151


What are you training for?
Weight loss, Speed, Strength, Endurance!
What is your passion?
Triathlon, Duathlon, Running, Cycling, Climbing, Adventure Races, Nutrition, Overall Health!

Being fit is 80% mental, 15% nutrition and 5 % fitness. Only a healthy mind can power a healthy body!

Most of us have a desire to be healthy and fit, but struggle to find the right motivation. Having a passion that revolves around maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the internal motivation you need to meet your goals.

Try a Fit Life uses a combination of functional movements and stretching methods, weight lifting, HIIT and Yoga techniques to improve strength and daily living! Our goal is to leave you feeling good at the end of every session and avoid injury while improving on your strengths and weaknesses!

One-on-One Training:
$45.00 - 1 Hour Session
$400.00 - 15 1 Hour Sessions
$750.00 - 30 1 Hour Sessions

Small Group Training:
$60 - 2 People
$75 - 3 People
$85 - 4 People
*Addional traveling cost apply for anything over a 20 minute commute.

Outdoor Boot Camp:
$5.00 - Introductory Boot Camp
$15.00 - Drop-in Rate
$40.00 - Unlimited Weekend Boot Camp

Outdoor Boot Camp Training Schedule
Every Saturday @9:30am
Camp Tomahawk Park
8400 San Ardo Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32217

Registered Dietitian on Staff:
Holly Pudwill
Balanced Nutrition
* Please contact me to discuss rates and service

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