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VIDA Fitness - Logan Circle - Washington DC

VIDA Fitness - Logan Circle

1517 15th St NW
Washington, DC 20005

(202) 588-5559

VIDA Fitness Logan Circle is located directly between the Logan Circle and Dupont Circle neighborhoods, directly across the street from Whole Foods. This location features over 25,000 square feet of usable space over 4 floors and includes Aura spa, Fuel Bar, Bang Salon and full-service locker rooms.
CorePower Yoga - Washington DC

CorePower Yoga

1150 Connecticut Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20036

(202) 838-1244

CorePower Yoga studios feature modern, consciously-designed spaces filled with thoughtful amenities. Inspired by busy urban life, every yoga studio has the conveniences and comforts you need to come to your yoga mat and discover your power and purpose. Inside our yoga fitness studios, something amazing is happening. With this high intensity workout, you’ll push past physical boundaries with an open mind and a beating heart, turning doubt into security, strangers into friends and stress into sweat. We believe in working every muscle and every emotion. Our classes, our instructors and our network of over 200 yoga studios nationwide welcome you when you’re ready for a yoga fitness experience like no other. Become a Black Tag member, buy a yoga class pack or just drop in. Choose a membership option that works for you. Free Trial is available.
CrossFit MPH - Washington DC

CrossFit MPH

1457 Church St NW
Washington, DC 20005

(202) 556-5304

CrossFit MPH is: community, effort, and prepared, engaged coaching. We train (and eat) for health, for precise and efficient movement, and for improved performance. Ours is an unpretentious and effective formula: embrace the community of athletes and the coaching provided each workout, emphasize movement standards and the quality of each movement, and most importantly, work with intensity.
Humble Beast CrossFit - Washington DC

Humble Beast CrossFit

1337 Connecticut Ave NW
Washington, DC 20036

(202) 670-0135

Humble Beast CrossFit prioritizes education, understanding and application of fitness. We provide structured programming that maximizes performance gains without compromising safety through the support of evidence-based research.
Balance Gym - Thomas Circle - Washington DC

Balance Gym - Thomas Circle

1339 Green Ct NW
Washington, DC 20005

(202) 730-0003

Balance Gym Thomas Circle is Washington DC’s most unique and energetic gym. With a dedicated personal training studio, 20,000+ sq. feet of fitness across 4 floors, 4 group fitness class studios, and a turf rooftop, you are sure to find the ultimate gym experience. And if that’s not enough, try a CrossFit class in our dedicated CrossFit Facility! The Thomas Circle location spans two buildings – the Personal Training Studio at 1111 14th Street NW, Washington DC 20005, and the Main Gym at 1339 Green Court NW, Washington DC 20005 (just behind the Training Studio).
CrossFit Balance Thomas Circle - Washington DC

CrossFit Balance Thomas Circle

1339 Green Court NW
Washington, DC 20005

202) 965-2121

Located in our Thomas Circle Balance Gym location, CrossFit Balance: Thomas Circle is home to the most comprehensive CrossFit programs in Washington DC.
YogaWorks Dupont Circle - Washington DC

YogaWorks Dupont Circle

1632 17th St NW
Washington, DC 20009

(202) 328-9642

What is YogaWorks? Yoga You Can Trust. We infuse our yoga classes and teacher training with quality, integrity and a sense of humor. Our highly trained, passionate teachers make yoga accessible to everyone and offer a practice that can be applied on and off the mat. Although we embrace diverse yoga styles, each of our classes shares a common theme—an excellence in teaching that has upheld YogaWorks as the gold standard of yoga studios. The majority of our teachers have completed a minimum of 500 hours of YogaAlliance approved curriculum, and many of our senior teachers have honed their craft for at least 20 years. Our signature YogaWorks classes deliver precise instruction to align your breath with fluid movement. We place an emphasis on thoughtful sequencing and offer modifications so you can customize your practice along the way. Since each class is carefully themed, you’ll experience a deeper connection to yoga and the present moment. Free Trial is available.
Gold's Gym - Washington DC

Gold's Gym

1075 19th St NW
Washington, DC 20036

(202) 659-1900

As a member of Gold’s Gym, you’ll enjoy access to the best coaches, personal trainers, and group exercise instructors in the business. That means access to motivating and knowledgeable experts dedicated to your success. Whatever your goal or experience level, our wide range of fitness classes and offerings can help you reach your goals. We offer classes like yoga, mixed martial arts, group cycling, high intensity interval training (HIIT) and more. At every Gold’s Gym location you’ll find tons of cutting-edge cardio equipment from the top manufacturers. Our resistance machines keep strain on the muscles during the entire motion, giving you a unique stretching action perfect for confusing your muscles. You’ll join a supportive community of members who share your aspirations. All of that adds up to an experience you won’t find anywhere else. Free Trial Pass is available.
202strong - Washington DC


1722 I Street NW
Washington, DC 20006

(202) 296-1949

The most effective blend of strength and circuit training. 202strong is located in the heart of downtown DC, 1722 I Street NW as well as North Bethesda, 12077 Nebel Street. Led by founder and owner, Maddie Watkins, 202strong is a boutique fitness studio designed to teach you how to properly lift a barbell and get stronger and fitter in an expertly designed 45 minute class. The barbell experience is different from all other forms of strength training. Become empowered. Become aware of how your body should move. Become stronger; both inside and outside of the gym.
Dupont Circle Yoga - Washington DC

Dupont Circle Yoga

2032 P St NW
Washington, DC 20036

(202) 642-2603

Welcome to Dupont Circle Yoga! Teacher-driven Vinyasa, Hatha, and Ashtanga Yoga in the heart of Dupont Circle DC. We offer teacher-driven, old-school yoga classes that are rooted in classical Hatha Yoga Traditions and emphasize proper alignment and movement as the foundation of a sustainable, strong practice. You can show up to practice in whatever you want - sweatpants, shorts and a t-shirt, running clothes, or last night's outfit. It's OK to ask questions during class, laugh, take it super-easy, and to lose your balance trying something new. We know each student's experience is unique, and our emphasis is on quality over quantity when it comes to substance of your practice.