Yoga Den Avondale - Jacksonville FL

Yoga Den of Avondale is located in the heart of historic Avondale. We offer a variety of different classes, 7 days a week. Schedule at
Yoga Den Avondale also offers massage for complete wellness. Book Now! or our App

Yoga Den of Avondale - Jacksonville FL


3653 Saint Johns Ave, Jacksonville, Florida 32205


(904) 662-0485


Yoga Den currently has six studios in the Jacksonville Area: Mandarin, Fleming Island, Southside, San Pablo, World Golf Village, and Avondale. As a Yoga Den member you have the advantage of using your membership at all of our locations, at no additional charge, giving you over 100 classes a week to choose from.

All Yoga Den teachers are graduates of Yoga-Den’s nationally-accredited 200 hour Teacher Training Program, and many are 500 hour certified, and train future yoga teachers. We honor the individuality of our instructors, and invite them to let their personalities shine while on the mat. While all Yoga Den teachers follow the same teaching methodology…emphasizing safety, encouraging students to listen to their bodies, and to let go of self-judgement, they still have their own unique way of guiding you through the practice, so you will learn something different from everyone.

We have several pricing options to accommodate all individual and family needs.

Our philosophy is No Judgement, so we offer plenty of permission language to rest and teach you how to modify postures if needed. Yoga is a practice that you learn over time, and there are both beginners and seasoned students enjoying classes together, therefor our instructors create a space where everyone feels accepted. No expectations, just enjoy.

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